Inquisitor Class



A new 5-nacelled ship here, for the Federation. |It looks to be some sort of dreadnought, and it does come across as aggressive. Not a bad ship, and it has working lightmaps too. Always a bonus ;)

- Ash



The Inquisitor, a Federation Battleship, Nemesis Era.

Now, As of V1.1, Working LightMaps!


Place 'finquisitor.bmp' in the '\Star Trek Armada II\bitmaps\AdmiralsLog\ShipImages' directory.
Place 'finquisitor.ODF' in the '\Star Trek Armada II\odf\ships' directory.
Place 'inqp.odf', 'inqpo.odf', 'inqsp.odf', and 'inqspo.odf' in the '\Star Trek Armada II\odf\weapons\Phasers' directory.
Place 'fqphot.odf' and 'fqphotpno.odf' in the \Star Trek 'Armada II\odf\weapons\Photons' directory. *if you already have these files DON'T overwrite them*
Place 'finquisitor.sod' in the '\Star Trek Armada II\SOD' directory.
And finally Place 'finquisitorWF.tga', 'gbfinquisitor.tga', and 'InquisTex.tga' in the '\Star Trek Armada II\Textures\RGB' directory. *you can find Medium and Low Res versions of the 'InquisTex.tga' texture in the Extra folder, they are smaller so they run faster at the cost of visual quality*

Next add (via copy & paste) the line:

finquisitor.odf 0

To 'freetech.tt', 'fulltech.tt', and 'tech1.tt'
Found in the '\Star Trek Armada II\techtree' directory.
You can open the above three files with Notepad.

Now in the 'guiglobal.spr' file, in the '\Star Trek Armada II DAGC\Sprites' directory, 
*You can also open .spr files with notepad* search and find the line:

# Federation wireframes

And add the lines:

finquisitorw1            	finquisitorWF      160     0      80      80
finquisitorw2            	finquisitorWF      0       80     80      80
finquisitorw3            	finquisitorWF      80      80     80      80
finquisitorw4            	finquisitorWF      80      0      80      80
finquisitorw5            	finquisitorWF      0       0      80      80

Then search and find the line:

# Federation build buttons

and then a few lines down you'll see the line '@reference=64', under that line add:

b_finquisitor 			gbfinquisitor 		0	0	64	64

and lasly add the ship to to a federation shipyard by adding the line:

buildItem* = "finquisitor"

to the station ODF, usualy the Shipyards are named fyard.odf. rplace the * with the next number on the list, so for the stock Federation advanced shipyard it would look like this:

//Construction Parameters
buildItem0 = "ffrigate"
buildItem1 = "fgalaxy"
buildItem2 = "fspecial"
buildItem3 = "fbattle"
buildItem4 = 'finquisitor'

That should be everything, also you'll probably want to customize the ODFs to suite your game, as they have no special weapons, and the weapon damage probably isn't to scale with the rest of the game.

You can use my ship in your Mod if you want, just as long as you PM me telling me that you're going to. My Gaming forums Username is Dave-Mastor.

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