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Featured in the show about a crew without a map for the area, the Intrepid class has been recognised as one of Starfleet's brightest new de...


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Featured in the show about a crew without a map for the area, the Intrepid class has been recognised as one of Starfleet's brightest new designs, sporting new gear making it the second fastest ship in the fleet (slower only to the Prometheus) being able to hold its own in conflict ("she's no Galaxy" but she held out against the Borg) and to house all of its crew comfortably (yes, even Neelix). Even though she's a bright design and a loved ship, we only have had two versions of it on the site (Deemon's and P81's)...until now!

Think of this as the mid-way version. It's generally better quality than Deemon's but not as high as P81's. Its poly count is in between the two. It can run on mid-range PC's, but it's more than just 'the middle'. Do we like it though? Well, I think the model is great and so to are the textures, but I can't help but think that there's just that 'something' off with them. They're off a high standard, especially for a conversion, but something doesn't sit well with me about them. This doesn't mean to say though that I don't like it, as I do, definitely. However, when does my opinion out-do all of yours? I'm sure many people will love this and they'll say to me "how can this NOT be your favourite?" but, to each their own.

Included are low and high resolution textures allowing you to pick for your computer accordingly and necessary files to run it. Other than the model and textures, an odf is included to account for all hard-point changes, but it's the same Intrepid, stats wise, that you've been using since the game came out. A recommended download and worthy replacement (and new option) for the bright Intrepid class. Definitely worthy.

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Download '' (4.39MB)

*******Intrepid Class Starship*******

I decided that for all the federation ships avalible for A2, one of the most prominant, the intrepid class, lacked a variety of good quality models for it.
As a result myself (Ryan) and FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER came together and between us we converted this new alternative model orginally for SFC3 by the trekmod team.


As the ship is already avalible in game you need simply copy the Textures, SOD and ODF folders into your directory, and the installation is complete.
If your computer is a low end machine, included are a set of lower resolution textures. The standard texture set is 3 1024x1024 textures, and the lower resolution are 512x512.
The poly count of the model is 2770, which is, in my view very reasonable considering the quality, and the alternatives avalible.

Oringal Model: Dolphoenix
Oringal Textures: ThomastheCat

Texture Conversion: Ryan (me)
Texture remapping: FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER
Model Hardpointing/Exporting: Ryan (me)

****Final Words*****

If you have any problems feel free to contact me on windows messenger or by email using this address:

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