Intrepid Class Mod

jerihansen_intrepid_class_mob.zip —


Jeri Hansen's first ODF mod, it makes the Intrepid harder to kill, and modifies it's build names.



JeriHansen Intrepid Class Mob

all I have done is make the Intrepid not as easy to kill not by mass but a noth and I put move names on the list USS Voyager , USS Cat, USS Intrepid  and USS Blackkynot mach but I like it batter than the old Intrepid.
I not sure anyone ease has done and it is my frist mob


It well be best to keep a copy of the old one incase you do not like this one.
It is only a odf so instill into your C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\odf\ships

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