Iwo Jima Class

This is a more "classy" version of the Iwo Jima assault ship.


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This is a more "classy" version of the Iwo Jima assault ship.

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IwoJima Class Assault vessel rebuild.

This vessel has been created with the sole purpose of replacing the current IwoJima class assault vessel that is in the game. Details as follows:

Poly Count: 577
ODF: No alterations required
SOD: Exported with the Armada 2 compatible 3d max exporter
Construction time: Aproximately 2 hours
Texturing Time: 1 hour

Extra Files
Single texture map for main vessel, one for "glow" sections. Also included are one single "borgified" style texture and "glow" section and replacement build button.

This model, and textures are provided as is, and should be installed as follows:

fassault.sod    - placed in the SOD directory and overwrite the                   original.
.TGA            - ALL files with TGA on the end placed in your 
		  TEXTURES/RGB folder. The build button will overwrite                   the original.

Credit goes mainly to Deemon for releasing his rather spledid excelsior model and textures. Secondary credit to G_Neuman (AU forum) who gave me the idea to make this kitbash.

Please refrain from contacting Deemon with regards to any problems, or comments you may have regarding this model as it is unlikely he will provide any assistance with the model and/or textures. Thankyou.         

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