Klingon Academy ships



This is the extracted Romulan ship models in milkshape format from the game Klingon Academy. The textures have been unified and upscaled and are in TGA and BMP formats. Other model formates might be added if there is call for it and I have the ability to make them.



The following is a simple unfinished model set from the game Klingon Academy. This is the unique Romulan ships. These models have been reassembled to remove all of the damage model components from Klingon Academy but the mesh segments that are intended to be break points have not been removed. The textures have been up-scaled and unified to a single 2048 for each model and are currently in .TGA and .BMP formats.

These models where created by Taladren and as such I'm not who the current owners of the property are as the company has been defunct for over 20 years now so make sure to include all credit history when you user these models. Versions of these models have been floating around the Starfleet Command community for years and I hope in the future to do a full up modernized release of these meshes as they represent some of my favorite TMP era romulan designs.

I OK with anyone using my altered work as long as full credit for everything is given and you guy email me to let me know where they are getting used. [email protected]

Not sure what else to say enjoy and use these model responsibly.


a year ago

OK for some reason the pics I had for this got corruped but all the Romulan ships except the D7 are in this model pack