Klingon Academy Total Conversion

An excellent mod from Squire James(sorry for the delays :) )!

Note that this is for Armada 1, not Armada 2

Here's some of the chan...


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An excellent mod from Squire James(sorry for the delays :) )!

Note that this is for Armada 1, not Armada 2

Here's some of the changes since 1.41

NEW SOUNDS ! Sounds extracted from Klingon Academy for even more realism. NEW SHIPS! Such as the new Tholian Ultility Vessels, the USS Excelsior, IKS Kronos 1 and more. NEW TEXTURES! Textures taken from KA to make weapons fire more realistic. NEW SINGLE PLAYER Rebalanced Single Player makes the Single Player game into another dimension to the mod. UNPLAYABLE MISSIONS: Grey Eminance (Known as the Romulan Connection) Assimilation (Known as Intergration) Twilight Hour (Known as The Final Hour) Once and Again (Known as A time and Again) Alpha and Omega Part I (Known as The Last Best Chance Part I) Alpha and Omega Part II (Known as The Last Best Chance Part II)

These should be fixed by 2.5

Theres a whole lot of new tweaks and rebalancing in the new V.2 so KA:TC becomes more polished and faithful to KA Canon.

Future Plans

V.2.5 New ship SODs (planned for V.2 but delayed) New Missions (All single player fully working) New Weapons (Genesis Device and such)

Looks like a great mod, can't wait to try it out!

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Download 'katcv2.zip' (31.81MB)

NOTE: Full readme is in the main folder, this is just to satify the demands of A2files :P

Klingon Academy Total Conversion V2 for A1 

Just so its perfectly clear this mod is for **A1**

To Install KATC for A1
Sadly i haven't yet added an autoinstaller so you will have to manually install this mod on to your version of Armada 1

First make sure it is a clean install with only 1.2 patch installed (no other mod)
Then open each directory of this mod, and the same directory in your Armada folder (only exception is the addon sounds zip, which go in addon but i zipped to make them smaller)
DO NOT repeat DO NOT just go "oh i'll just overwrite the SOD folder in KATC over the top of my Armada SOD folder. This mighten work depending on your system (whether it adds or overwites when such a command is given) so DON'T do it. 

This mod was created by me (Squire James/Capt. Burden THX1138) and apart from beta testers (Worf99 and a few others) soley by me. The SODs are from SFC but the weapons textures and sounds are handmade or from KA (listen to the voice of the RSE D'Meredene or the USS Yamato :P ) 

I made this mod due to the fact i love both Armada 1 and Klingon Academy, so one day i had the bright idea (unusual for me!) "hang on, why not make a mod for armada based on KA!" so i set to work. 2 weeks later, my harddrive corrupted, losing all i had done. I perseverred and a further 4 weeks later it was done and with a further 2 weeks of work done a month or so adter release , it is up to current V.2 Standards.

The KA modding community is very happy with it by all respects (major acid test that one!) so now i past the judgement to you here at A2files


Squire James
www.kamod.tk (under construction)

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