Klingon Bat'leth class

Now, I realize a lot of you out there are working on your own personal total conversion projects, and I'm sure it'll be the absolute last...


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Now, I realize a lot of you out there are working on your own personal total conversion projects, and I'm sure it'll be the absolute last word in Armada II modding, and so on and so forth, but there's a lot to be said for the approach taken by Wrath of Achilles. This guy turns out truly ASTOUNDING quality models. And he does 'em one at a time. Don't believe me? Go check the single ship releases he's done for the Cardassians. He's done more for them than Enabran Tain himself!

....wait, what? What d'you mean, Achilles is working on a total conversion too???


It's so BORING waiting for new files to come in. Surely y'all can send SOMETHING for me to upload? A ship! A station! A piece of space debris! A great bleedin' asteroid in space! Picard's head! SOMETHING! You must understand how underutilized I feel as a moderator right now. It's not very good for self-esteem. Why, I believe I hear Freyr just sobbing away from here--- and I just KNOW it's not because he feels sorry for the people who tried to beat him in multiplayer!

My emotional needs aside.... this little (and I emphasize LITTLE, as in "not a total conversion", as in "something at LAST, thank the GODS I can do something") ----

---as I was saying, this little project of Achilles', reproducing an old design of Deemon's from A1's venerable Millennium Project, give the Klingons a new toy to play with. The Bat'leth class (not to be confused with the Sword of Kahless class) battlecruiser is a formidable weapon for the Empire.

There is a lot in the plus column, to be sure, but there are a few drawbacks. No wireframe or Admiral's Log pic are included. Sure, it takes the average modder no time to do such things.... the same could be said to the author of the file. Further, a few on the forums have mentioned that they're not exactly keen on the two neck design. I don't know, I'm really more taken aback by the giant symbol of the Klingon Empire on the underside. Perhaps this is why the ship is not armed with a cloaking device, hmm? The power requirements to hide a symbol that big would make the engines useless! ;)

Still, with a few tweaks and bits here and there, this ship's sure to give a few nightmares to the enemies of the Empire, and bring further glory and honour to all warriors who use her guns to conquer.

Honour the Wrath of Achilles.... with a download.


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Download 'kbatleth.zip' (1.21MB)

Klingon dreadnought Bat'Leth by Wrath of Achilles

This was originally designed by the renowned Deemon for the Millenium
Project, I always liked it and, with a nudge from Tycoon, rebuilt it.
It stands at only 1614 polies so go ahead and mass build.


Move all folders (Textures, odf, SOD) to your Star trek armada 2 directory

Open gui_global.SPR and scroll down to the klingon build buttons.
add this line

b_kdread2			gbkdread2		0	0	64	64

Open tech1.TT and add this line anywhere (for neatness sake you can place with
other klingon listings)

kdread2.odf   2 kyard2.odf kupgrade.odf

Open kyard2.odf and scroll down to the build list then add this line at the bottom.

buildItem4 = "kdread2"

(number 4 is the next number in sequence in the unedited kyard2.odf)


Original design by Deemon
Mesh and Texture by WrathofAchilles
Inspired by Tycoon

and a little mention for Joel/Joelteon7 who, no matter how happy life makes him,
still enjoys destroying something with a Klingon ship.

Additional Information**

This sod has lightmaps and will not work in Armada 1

Feel free to use this in any mod so long as credit is given

Feel free to edit the textures/model/odfs in any way so long as credit is given

There are no admirals log picture or wireframes

Legal Stuff**

The material submitted with this readme is in no way connected to, or affiliated 
with Activision, its employees, representatives, consortiums, or other bodies 
directly or indirectly associated with the afore mentioned company. Therefore 
if the files contained in this mod cause damage to your system in any way then 
Activision cannot be held responsible or liable.



Thanks, achilles

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