Klingon Orbital Station Retexture by Fireball

This is a retexture of the stock Klingon Orbital Mining station, it is being used as a place holder in my mod The Dawn of War (for Armada II...


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This is a retexture of the stock Klingon Orbital Mining station, it is being used as a place holder in my mod The Dawn of War (for Armada II) until I can get my full resource system in place (just for the sake of having 2 playable TOS races avaliable.

I figured instead of trashing this work when i'm done, might as well release it to the community, perhaps it would catch someones fancy. This is a simple retexture with the regular textures, borg textures and admiral logs pic, everything else required is included in the game.


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Download 'korbital_retexutre_by_fireball.zip' (619KB)

Klingon Orbital Station retexture by Michael/Fireball


Well I started to work on the Klingons in my mod Dawn of War and my new resource system was not yet in place. So I decided to retexture the Klingon Orbital station just to look like the rest of my TOS Klingon ships. This will not be included in the final mod so I did not want to waste it, as a result I am releasing it. The texture itself is very simular to the origional (windows in same place etc). I simply made a cleaner, more TOS looking version.


odf - Included in Armada II
button - Included in Armada II
wireframe - Included in Armada II
borg textures - yes
Admirals log bitmap - yes
install instructions - yes

model/mesh - Activision
textures - fireball/mike
build buttons, wires, weapons - Activision


Very simple.
If you would like to back up your old textures please feel free to. This will replace the stock Klingon Orbital station textures! The next step is easy, simply drag and drop the folders into your Armada II directory!

On a side note, for best results I wouldnt even bother installing the K_orbital_1 and _2, same goes with the Borg textures, I deleted these from my directory infact, it usually gives you a better looking texture ingame. This of course is up to the modder, once again any damage is not my responsibility.

- Fireball

I am not responsible for any damage this may cause to your Armada II (really shouldnt be in, but just incase someone finds a way to :) )

If your have problems, are looking for permission to use my mod or would like to alter it and put it in your mod you can contact me via Armada 2 files or preferably the Armada II files forums. If you can not get a hold of me for an extended period of time, you are free to use this in your mod. Credit must be given for use of this mod.

This is an Armada 2 only mod,

Thank you for downloading and enjoy.

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