Klingon Shuttle

"The force is strong with this one." Wait, sorry, wrong empire. Lemme try again,

"Q'apla Klingon warrior! Fight with honour in this 3...


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"The force is strong with this one." Wait, sorry, wrong empire. Lemme try again,

"Q'apla Klingon warrior! Fight with honour in this 3 man shuttle craft for victory and honour against the enemy p'tagH! Drink blood wine and sing songs of Sto'Vo'Kor!"

Ok, so there might not be too much space for drinking on board this re-szied, but nicely done, Klingon bee-gone-shuttle, but it's Klingon, so without a doubt it's likely to get annoying and smelly. Failing that, build a sqaudron of them and you'll likely find yourself with a profficient attack force early on in-game, similar to the Romulan shuttle.

I like the shape, something you can't really see in the bee, it captures a nice agile ship with elements of power, so complementary to mad doc for getting this one right and now CDP making it better. Whilst it won't necessarily "bulk up" your Klingon armada, it will likely be helpful and simply refusing it would send dishonour amongst the ranks of the empire, something I'm sure you don't want, so download now!

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Download 'klingonshuttle.zip' (286KB)

klingon shuttle v1.0

	This is a Klingon shuttle, based on the Klingon construction bee.
It has the same armament as the klingon scout-Class, except the shuttle has weeker sheilds and hull, only 3 crew and 1 officer to build

	- Add the kshuttle.odf to the /odf/ships folder
	- Add the kshuttle.sod to the /sod folder
	- Add the kbee.tga and gbkshuttle.tga to the /textures/rgb folder
	- Add the kshuttle.bmp to /bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages folder
	- Add the following lines to sprites/gui_global.spr 
b_kshuttle			gbkshuttle	0	0	64	64

(if you would like a white blob where the wireframe should be instead of nothing that add this line)
kshuttlew1			gbkshuttle	0	0	128	128

	- Add the following line to techtree/tech1.tt and fulltech

kshuttle.odf	0

	- if you have a modded romulan starbase add the following line to odf/stations/rbase.odf

buildItemX = "kshuttle"

remember to replace X with the next number in the sequence.

If your Klingon base is unmodded eg. no other ships added to it's build menu copy across the kbase.odf(found in this zip) to odf/stations folder

Mod Usage:
feel free to uses these files in any mods you want to just give me the credit,
i can be reached at [email protected] tho this isn't nessersery if you want to use the file. just give me the credit.

all these file's are my own work (part from the stock texture lol) not activisions and they can't be held resonsible for it ect.. you know the rest.

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