Krenim Timeship

This is a 're-hash' of borg124's original. Looks as good as before and now featuring a big-new weapon!!


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This is a 're-hash' of borg124's original. Looks as good as before and now featuring a big-new weapon!!

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Krenim Timeship by Vollkommen & Borg124

Files made by Borg124:
a1krents.SOD                                             = Armada 1 Sod
a2krents.SOD                                             = Armada 2 Sod
gbktsa1.tga                                                 = build button for Armada 1
gbktsa2.tga                                                 = build button for Armada 2
kts_hpmap.gif		                  = hardpoint map
krenimts.tga		                  = high res. texture
krenimts_low.tga	                                    = low res. texture (rename this file to krenimsc.tga if you wanna use it)

Files made by Vollkommen:
krentime.odf                                                  = Main ship file
timeweapon.odf & timeweapono.odf         = Temporal Incursion Special Weapon Files
gbktimeweapon.tga                                     = Temporal Incursion Button

Files edited by Vollkommen:
fyard2.odf                                                      = Federation Advanced Shipyard
gui_global.spr                                               = Global User Interface                                                           = Standard Technology Techtree

Total files: 

Total size:
1.30 MB

To install, simply unzip the bitmaps, odf, SOD, Sprites, techtree, and Textures folders into your Armada 2 directory. You may want to backup the fyard2.odf, gui_global.spr, and files, because they *will* be overwritten. 

The Krenim Timeship was created by Annorax, a Krenim scientist who wished to see his people return to greatness, and wanted to get his dead wife back. The Timeship visited the homeworlds of species who were the enemies of the Krenim Imperium and fired its massive temporal weapon on it (called a Temporal Incursion), effectively eliminating that species from the spacetime continuum.
The ship was powered by a Temporal Core, which put the ship out of phase with normal spacetime, and made it invulnerable to conventional weapons. With the Temporal Core offline, the ship could no longer fire a Temporal Incursion, and was left to rely on conventional pulse phaser cannons, and a weak hull.

The Armada 2 mod was made with the idea that the Temporal Core was somewhat offline. The ship can still fire a Temporal Incursion, a massively powerful weapon capable of destroying a Borg Tactical Fusion Cube in a single shot. However, the ship is useless when in close quarters, due to its weak shields, hull, and pulse phaser cannons. 
The Krenim Timeship is meant to be a LONG RANGE WEAPON, meaning you should not launch an attack on an enemy base with a single ship. However, if you teamed the ship with a fleet of allied ships and let them attack the base first, and then have the Timeship fire on an enemy base/shipyard from a distance, you would have a greater chance at success. 

The ship costs 750 dilithium, 500 metal, requires 700 crew and 12 officers. It builds from the Federation Advanced Shipyard. It seemed to be the easiest yard and species to build it with. Feel free to change it as you see fit. 
This is my first attempt at an Armada mod, 1 or 2. The ship was originally designed by Borg 124, and it did a spectacular job at it. Please check out the websites he is affiliated with:
Borg124's Meshes Info Page:

The rest of the ship was desgined by me, with help from Westworld's Big Book of Mods, which can be found at the Naval Armada site:

The Temporal Incursion weapon doesn't work very well on planets. If anyone has any suggestions, or any other questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line:

Thank you, and enjoy the mod.

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