Kvortcha Class

As Klingon vessels go, this one's an honour to post. The Project ACOM team does their first bit of sharing with this model. Whether you love...


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As Klingon vessels go, this one's an honor to post. The Project ACOM team does their first bit of sharing with this model. Whether you love Klingons or love blowing up Klingons, you'll love this mod.

(I realize it doesn't *say* it's from the Project ACOM team, but trust me, it is.)

- the Kid


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Download '53acom1.zip' (4.59MB)


This is the first release from Project ACOM, and we present the:

KVortcha Class 

Simply copy the files from the ACOM folder (Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C for keyboard shortcuts), then open your Armada II directory, usually found in

C:Program FilesActivitionStar Trek Armada II

and paste the folders into the Armada II folder.

To add the buttons and wireframe to the game, open the Sprites folder and open gui_global.spr.
Press Ctrl-F and type in:


then press Enter.

On top of this line, paste the following:

b_ktorp3		ktorp3bu	0	0	64	64

In the weapon.spr file, search for:

# Warp Core Overload

and then paste the following line:

kebeam		kebeam		0	0	128	32 	@anim=tex1x4

Pille - Mod Administration, Readme
Ragnar - Modeller/Mesh to SOD Conversion
HMS Frontier - PR Manager + Ship ODF
Dan1025 - Lightmapper
Adam_Atlantian - Textures, Borg-Textures
starfox1701 - Physics files
Merough - Weapon ODFs
Freyr - Main Weapons
JetFreak - Build Button and Admiral's Log Picture
Delta_Dids - Special Weapon ODFs/Special Weapon Textures, Readme
k_merse - Modding Assistance
FahreS - Wireframe
Apoclaydon - SOD File Tweaking
Achilles - Textures

For support, infos and mod-chat visit us at

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy our first mod!

Note: Please do not use this for your mod without permission!
Requests to pille@project-acom.de

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