God bless Lego. No, really, bless it. How many of us can honestly say we didn't make loads of things out of it, including spaceships that looked really funky (although entirely impractical). Well, what happens if you make that a realisation?

Exactly what you have here and whilst trying to contain my excitement, this is bloody fantastic! Yup, we have TWO Lego models (literally, this isn't just designs made in lego than realised to full 3d, this is coloured Lego blocks making up ships) that come in full Armada packaging and by that I mean buildbuttons, wireframes and sounds...and weapons! This is a definite download for those who want some fun. Now, if you don't mind, I've got some blocks here to make a rival spaceship...I wish.



--Legon Star Ships--

I Loved to make Spaceships out of legos when I was younger and the blocks were bigger. I still enjot breaking them out every now and then to see what star worthy vessel I can pull together. This time I thought I thought I'd see how they faired in space.


A1 & A2 compatiable SOD(2Ships)

2 Ship ODF files(Made for A1, could be adjusted for A2)

10 Weapon ODF files

8 Ships Textures

1 Weapon Texture from Star Trek Armada Alliances

1 weapon sound from Star Trek Armada Alliances

2 Build Buttons (A1&A2)

2 Wireframes (A1&A2)

--Installation Instructions--

1. Copy SOD files from SOD folder to Sod folder in Armada Directory.

2. Copy ODF files to Addon Folder in Armada Directory.
    A2: leg1.odf, leg2.odf to ODF/Ships folder
        legphas.odf, legphaso.odf to ODF/weapons/phaser folder
        legdis.odf, legdis2.odf, legdis3.odf, legdis4.odf, legdiso.odf, legdiso4.odf to ODF/weapons/photons folder
        legcan.odf, legcano.odf to ODF weapons/pulse folder

3. Copy all texture files too Textures/RGB folder.

4. copy brphot to sounds/effects folder. (You can also place it in the Addon Folder. Which ever you perfer.)

5.Open the Sprites Folder and find the following files: gui_global.spr, lights.spr, weapons.spr

a) First open the gui_global file and find the following lines:
	(A2 Instructions)

	# Federation build buttons
And add the following:
b_leg1				legbb			0	64	64	64
b_leg2				legbb			0	0	64	64

Scroll down and find these lines:
	# Ship Wireframes
and add the following:
leg1w1				legwf		40	0	40	40
leg2w1				legwf		40	40	40	40

For A1 open the gui_global file and find the places above only add theses lines instead:

b_leg1				legbb		64	64	64	64
b_leg2				legbb		64	0	64	64

leg1ew1				legwf		0	0	40	40
leg2w1				legwf		0	40	40	40

Save and close the gui_global.spr file

b) Open the lights.spr file and find the following lines:
# amber lights
@sprite_node yellowconst AmberMulti const (1,1) (1,1,0) 
@sprite_node yellowconstbig Ballflare flicker (2,2) (1,.8,.8)
@sprite_node yellowstrobe SmallStar strobe (.5,.5) (1,1,0) billboard
@sprite_node yellowstrobebig RedMulti strobe (1,1) (1,1,0) billboard
@sprite_node bigbillboard Ballflare flicker (1,1) (1,.8,.8) billboard

and add the following:
@sprite_node redglow softglow const (2.5,2.5) (1,0,0) billboard

save and close lights.spr file

c) Open the weapon.spr file and find the following lines:

# Klingon Photon torpedo
kphoton		wphoton		64	0	32	32	@anim=photanim

and add the following:
brphoton	brphoton	0	0	32	32	@anim=tex4x4

save and close weapon.spr file

6. Final step. Choose a shipyard from which you want to build theses ships and find the following lines:

//Construction Parameters
buildItem0 = ""

and add the following

buildItemXX = "leg1"
buildItemXX = "leg2"

replace the XX with the next number in the order.

Installation Complete. 

I Use these as map units currently but I am thinking of making a race mod with more ships and stations. 

Enjoy :)


If you have any problems or questions email me:


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