Lexington Class

Lexington Class Command Cruiser.


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Lexington Class Command Cruiser.

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Download 'lexingtonclass.zip' (320KB)

Lexington class command cruiser by beginner

install instructions:

1. place lexington.odf in the odf/ships folder

2. place tmpphas.odf and tmpphas2.odf in the odf/weapons/phasers folder

3. place tmpphoton.odf, tmpphotono.odf, tmpphoton1.odf and tmpphoton1o.odf in the odf/weapons/photons folder

4. place .tga files in the textures/rgb folder

5. place lexington.sod in the sod folder

6. add "buildItemXX = "lexington" (where x is the number that comes after the previous number)
in the fyard1.odf file (use notepad)

7. add lexington. odf 0 in the tech1.tt file

8. add 
b_lexington                     gb_fcc                  0       0       64      64

to the gui_global file in sprites at the end of federation build buttons @reference = 64

9. play 


Major A. Payne for his pride class (which was a kitbash of Captain Fingers constitution refit) 
from which i used the textures


1. if the build button only shows the top left corner try and fix this yourself (i've tried for a week now)
2. the ship looks best when built from the sanfrancisco shipyard
3. the ship is a klingon academy model
4. if you want to help me in making my tmp mod (buildbuttons, techtree, missions, animation, ai etc.) email me at the adress below

Thanks to Major A. Payne for the tip in making buildbuttons 

All the best 

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