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From the Mail:This is the Luna Class Deep Space Exploration vessel for Starfleet, converted from USS Luna by redneck15 at www.battlec...


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From the Mail:

This is the Luna Class Deep Space Exploration vessel for Starfleet, converted from USS Luna by redneck15 at, by Lord_Trekie, willsk8forfood15, and medafusion. Should be placed in High Poly Models scetion (9000+ polys).

From long glance at this vessel, you can tell she is a kitbash from Queballs' well known Premonition Model.

This is the Luna Class Exploration Vessel - What many may know as the USS Titan (Rikers Ship). Though there have been many sceptics about the class of the Titan, there have also been many designs. I'm sure many people know of infamous Dreadnought-sized Titan Class - It has been incorporated into various MOD's here on A2Files, personally, I had the Titan down as an Akira Class, however we were all wrong.

This design (though not 100% accurate) is what the now named Luna Class is. - This is an official design, and recognised by Paramount. The only problem with this model is (yes, you've already read it) the 9000+ polly count. - It still amazes me how people submit stuff like this knowing that they won’t be able to get the full enjoyment out of it, but still.

If anyone feels like having a crack to polly reduce this, then feel free. Additionally, if someone does think to do that, may I advise an attempt with Major Payne’s Premonition model before hand - could save you a lot of work.


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Download '' (6.01MB)

This is the Luna Class Deep Space Exploration Vessel, more commonly recognized as
Captain Riker's ship the USS Titan. This is a conversion of the USS Luna found at
NOTE: There is no wireframe or admirals pic included with this ship only a button.
      Also, This ship is ~9500 polys so unless your machine can support it don't go
      building a fleet of 20 of these, your game will crash.
ALSO: This version of the Luna Class comes with weapons corresponding to the mod that
      I am currrently working on, you may have to rename the weapons in the ships ODF
      in case you do not have the corresponding weapons (If you have Armada 2.5 then
      you should be fine).

Conversion of USS Luna SFC3 model
	Lord_Trekie (ME)
USS Luna Model Kitbash
Premonition Model/textures	

1. UnZip the file into your Armada 2 main directory
2. Open your gui_global.spr in the misc folder and scroll down to where is says
	# Federation buildbuttons

copy this right below the @reference=64 line
	b_fluna		gbfluna		0	0	64	64

3. Open in the techtrees folder and add the line
	fluna.odf      0	       // Luna Class

anywhere in the federation section
4. Next open the shipyard file (fyard.odf, fyard2.odf) where you want the Luna Class
to build from, find the next open buildItem slot in your yard and add the line
	buildItemX = "fluna"
where X is the next available number
5. If all of these steps are completed then you should have a brand new Luna Class
ship to build.


You may redistribute this ship mod or include it in your mod as long as you include
the credits above in your readme. Please however do not alter any aspect of the model
without contacting me first.

you may contact me via the filefront forums (Lord_Trekie) or via e-mail at
[email protected] Please remember I am only one person and it may take a couple 
of days for me to get back to you.

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