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M.W.O.A.N is a map without a name :). Trevor Pilkington brings us this 8 player map which is based on his...


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M.W.O.A.N is a map without a name :). Trevor Pilkington brings us this 8 player map which is based on his Delta Wormhole II Aftermath map.

The layout of this map is quite interesting. Divided into three distinct sectors by a large line of asteroids and one mini sector stuck in the top corner, it is prefect for a large battle. In the first sector (bottom left) there is four planets, with four dilithium moons and a small amount of latinum sprinkled around. Some Cerulean nebula is positioned on the very top corner of this sector with a few derelict units caught inside it. The entry points into this sector is via a gap in the asteroid belt which leads onto the second sector, another one is present at the foot of the map which leads into sector three.

This second sector, positioned on the top half of the map has 5 planets, with a three dilithium moons and some latinum nebula. It is the only sector that leads into the fourth sector at the top which has two dilithium moons and a large grouping of latinum. What really makes this part of the map stand out is the large debris field at the foot of the entry point to sector one. This debris field contains large amounts of derelict shuips such as the Enterprise-E, a Negh'Var, the Incursion Class and the IKS Sad'taj amongst a few other Federation, Romulan and Klingon vessels. The whole area is engulfed by a radioactive nebula which will make retrieval of these vessels a difficult task. This field is also bracketed by two blackholes which will make navigation of the area difficult.The third sector is basically a smaller copy of the first so there is no real difference between the approach you should make with both.

Combat should be intriguing on this map.

Other than that, I'd say try it out! Keep up the good map making skills TJP!


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Download 'tjpmwoan.zip' (438KB)

8 Player map for A2
By Trevor James Pilkington

M.W.O.A.N stead’s for “Map With Out A Name” because I cant think of a name for this one. This map is base on Delta Wormhole II Aftermath map I decided to try and make another one like it only with 8 Players this time and bigger map. And this is what it turns out like. 

It has a working wormhole which goes from bottom to top. Both side of the wormhole are in a Player base so if you want to use it you had to get rid of them 1st that if your got 8 players. There is 3 player’s start off points up the top with only two recourses each but a load of it. To those players I say you batter build a trade Station. The ships in the Yellow neb are just for display enjoy.

Sorry about my spellings


Install the files in the map folder into your D:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\bzn

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