Mad Space



A cool map with loads of different nebulae and quite a few wormholes! :D



Name: Mad Space
Author: David Jarrett
Players: 8
Description: A cool map with loads of different nebulae and quite a few wormholes!

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Place all files in this zip into your 'bzn' folder in the main Armada 2 folder.
(i.e. By default, this is in C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\bzn)

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NB: The following bits in this readme are not essential, only I thought they might be helpful.
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The best way to play this game is to make 4 teams. Player 1 & 2 are a team, Player 3 & 4 are a team (and so on). In this way, the space between Player 1 & 2's base's can be used for friendly purposes.


The second best way is to make Player 1 and 5 a team, Players 2 and 6, and so on. In this way, the area in between player 1 and 2 is a secondary fighting ground, and you can quickly take them over before pursing onto greater aims. However, your friend is on the other side of the map, so they may get taken over as well.

These are just my ideas of a good game, but you can play how you want.

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Q. Why are there holes in between two 'bases'?

A. The main reason that I made holes in the asteroid fields between some players, is that the Ferengi don't get 'stuck' as they sometimes do, and they can trade.

Q. Where do all the wormholes lead?

A. The blue normal wormholes lead to the nearest base. The yellow fluidic wormholes match and borg's transwarp wormhole match.

Q. How do I build near the infinity dilithium moons?

A. There are a few spaces between the borg's transwarp wormhole and the dilithium moons to place only a few buildings. I would wisely place some defences and a mining station there.

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