Major Payne's Incursion Class



This is Major Payne's extremely detailed Incursion class. THis is by far the best incursion i've ever seen :); it is extremely detailed, you can't see the full of it from the screenshot. DOWNLOAD NOW!



USS Incursion (NX-74808) Updated model Readme.

- Extract and overwrite the FINCURSION.SOD file into your armada 2 SOD directory.
- Extract the FINCUR.TGA into your textures/RGB directory

Thats it!!!

Compatibility Issues
Full compatibility for both texture/model exist for Armada 1 as well as Armada 2, so don't be expecting any glow (remember that the ODF will need editing for hardpoint usage)

Information and credits
After some thought and a bit of success with the update for the Premonition class I decided to update the Incursion class model in A2 as it basically was of very poor quality. Unfortunately after 2 hours of so of faffing around with bits of mesh I resorted to my store of reverse converted model parts to find somethign which could be classed as being "suitable". Basically the changes made are:

- "Borrowed" the bussard collector sections from the Steamrunner class and rescaled them to fit (which they did very well indeed).
- After a conversation with another member of the forum on ICQ (can't remember who it was now), it was suggested that the deflector on the incursion is similair to that of the Akira. What better model to use!!??!! The deflector and lower front area (or bubble if you like) was then "borrowed" from the MP1 Akira class.
- Also I noticed that the very front on top had a set of windows which I presumed was supposed to reflect a raised area (something similair to ten forward on the galaxy class in so much as its a large windowed area for seeing directly forward of the vessel). This was just a couple of boxes.

Additional section have been retextured, and came out much better than expected. Further additions include venting plasma/steam nodes, 8 running lights (red/green as usual), 29 hardpoints and I've stuck to the original layout for the hardpoints as I see it, so theres no need to use a new ODF.

CREDIT - All credit goes to Deemon for the additional sections used from his Steamrunner and Akira models (Kudoes to you mate!!). All other changes done by myself.

(Important note - If you plan to use this mesh in to-be released mods or projects please remember the above credit to Deemon.)


(at least the bloody thing looks better IMHO than the original.)

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