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Following several questions recently Gavin has helpfully compiled the questions and the correct answers and sent them in for the tutorials s...


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Following several questions recently Gavin has helpfully compiled the questions and the correct answers and sent them in for the tutorials section.

To save time in downloading such a small file, all of which is text I have added the the tutorial to the readme section to save the download.

One thing I will add is that the map editor is not always included on your A2 CD, for which reason it is hosted on the site here:-;12053

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Download 'map_editor_faq.rar' (2KB)

Right, after observing alot of the questions asked about maps in Armada 2, i decided to use my time to make an FAQ thread so it saves you posting any of the frequently asked questions. If you think i have missed anything important, PM me and i will get on and add it.

What do i need? - Find the CD drive where your Armada 2 CD is and right click and open it, then open the folders, Setup/Editor and copy and paste the files named ATVI and unsupportedextension_mapedit to the Star Trek Armada 2 root folder, usually:

C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II

[b]How do i resize maps?[/b] - Press CTRL + R and type in the desired size of the map you want,

eg 12000 x 12000

Then click ok, then save the map. Then load the map back into the map editor and it will be the desired size.

Whats the biggest size map i can have? - You can make a map any size you wish, but i recommend you dont go over the 100,000 x 100,000 size.

How do i get Ships in the Map Editor? - Ok, this is how i do it, Say im creating a map with 3 teams, i press CTRL + R, create 3 teams, leave the rest empty, so now you should have 4,5,6,7 and 8 Empty.
Put the ships in the Map, double click on them And change the team number and the Percieved Team to 4 and make sure that the ship has no crew. Then when you start the map ingame, you can beam aboard the ships and take control of them.

Or you can use the next tip, which is so much easier.

How do i start the Map Editor in game? - Follow the first step in this FAQ and just press CTRL + A whilst playing the game. This can prove handy if you are testing new ships.

How do i make a shortcut to the Map Editor? - Right click on the Armada2.exe

Open the properties and add /edit mapname.bzn to the end of the Target line.

Example: "C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\Armada 2.exe" /edit mapname.bzn

I hope this has answered some of your FAQ. Feel free to add to this if you would like to. If none of this helps you, please post a new thread about your problem and not here.

Good luck with your Map Editing.:)

If you have any problem's, you can contact me over the forum here.

And the readme:-

Credit to me (Gavin1701) for the FAQ.

Thats about it. 


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