Map Pack Beta



A pack of seanabooth's last 5 maps. If you just like a certain map, the individuals are around the site, but if you just love collecting maps, get this!




Installation Instructions: 
Extract "Big Momma.bzn"
	"Big Momma.bmp"
	"Big Momma.txt"
	"Fluidic Space.bzn"
	"Fluidic Space.bmp"
	"Fluidic Space.txt"
	"Neutral Zone.bzn"
	"Neutral Zone.bmp"
	"Neutral Zone.txt"
	"Transwarp Hub.bzn"
	"Transwarp Hub.bmp"
	"Transwarp Hub..txt"
	"Borg Space.bzn"
	"Borg Space.bmp"
	"Borg Space.txt" into your Armada2\bzn directory.

Info on it: 

This Contains The Second 5 Maps I Released For Armada 2.

Map:- Big Momma (4 PLAYER)
A four Player map based on the map featured in startrek armada 1.there are an equal amount of
resources in each of the four segments which are seperated by asteroids and wormholes. also
as feature in Armada 1 there is a biological lifeform at the centre of the map.

Map:- Fluidic Space (2 PLAYER)
the bottom half of the map is split into two areas for each of the two players where as
the top half of the map simulates species 8472s realm "fluidic space. there are plenty 
of species 8472 ships hidden throughout this region. a player must pass through fluidic 
space to reach the opponent.

Map:- Neutral Zone (2 PLAYER)
this map is a two player map based on the nutral zone between the federation and the 
romulan empire. sensor arrays line the perimeter of both regions and there are plenty 
of hidden enemys to keep watch for.

Map:- Transwarp Hub (4 PLAYER)
this map is split into four segments. each segment houses a player and to reach the other
 players you must enter the tanswarp conduit to reach the borg transwarp hub. there you 
must fight your way past the borg and enter one of the other transwarp appatures.  

Map:- Borg Space (2 PLAYER)
A large 2 player map filled with planets, resources and several non-player teams. this map 
is set after stardate 54014.4 which saw the distruction of unimatrix zero. Because of the 
interference of katheryn janeway borg dones were sevred from the collective, in essence 
this created a borg civil war. there are many vessels in the map which will attack either 
borg ships or any other vessel. there are also renegade borg stations throughout the area 
as well as resources which can be found throughout the map.

Type of Mod: Map Pack

Bugs: None so far.

Author: seanabooth

E-mail: [email protected]

Hope you all enjoy it!

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