Map Void

As the readme says it's "HUGE". by the time the enemy gets to your base thay will have been died. J/k ing But really this is a type of map...


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File Description

As the readme says it's "HUGE". by the time the enemy gets to your base thay will have been died. J/k ing But really this is a type of map i'd love to use for an large war maybe a good 250 ships or more for me.

very good map for a large battle.

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file name:	void.bzn
created by:	johndavid240
size (apx):	50000X50000	[I FORGOT THE EXACT SIZE]
players:	4
ai dirlects:	0

brief description:
   this map was designed to be HUGE.  it will take a while to get to the enemy to attack (good luck).  there are 8 M class planets and 8 J class planets.

to install:
unzip file and put
in the bzn file

rough map layout:
S-starting location
M-M class planet
J-J class planet
*-center of map/'directional light'
there are dilithium moons and latinum nebuli, but they are near the starting location
|S M              J                  J S|
|J                                         M|
|                                              |
|     M                             M      |
|                                              |
|                                              |
|J                    *                    J|
|                                              |
|                                              |
|     M                             M      |
|                                              |
|M                                         J|
|S J               J                 M S|

i designed this map for building an enormas fleet to engage the can take a while to kill all enemy vessles (unless you have /a lot/ of ships on search and destroy)

you can't really select your starting location (few of my maps actually work to let you select starting location/view map, but if its on here it can be played) and when you start, you usually (maybe always) start in the upper-left corner.  i think the starting locations move around clockwise from there (whatever order i placed them).

questions, comments, or ideas:
	email me at and (please) type armada2 map questions/comments/ideas

this is the second map i have proposed for the armada2files staff.  all maps in the johndavid240 collection (what i have submitted) are prize and void.

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