Mapman's Magnificant Map Pack



This is a map pack that contains a collection of maps for Armada II.




1.Description: This is a Map Pack containing 28 different 
               Single- and Multiplayer Maps for Star Trek Armada 2. 

2.Installation: 1.Extract the ".zip" archive to your Desktop.
                2.Open the "MAPS" folder and copy all files from there 
                  into your "bzn" folder in the "ArmadaII" folder.

3.Introduction: You are bored by the monotonous ArmadaII Maps à la;
                -starting with a base and 2 cons,-looking for moons and 
                planets,-building as quick as possible warships-and
                after 10 minutes the "war" is over?
                Mapman´s magnificent Map Pack is the solution! 
                16 Maps, 12 of them in 2 types so we have 28.
                There are 6 different kinds of playing like capture the flag,
                defend your planet or assault. All Maps were extensive tested.
                Everybody who played with me on these Maps was enthusiastic!
                It takes a lot of work but I wanted to go back to the roots of
                Star Trek the way it was meant to be!

4.The Maps:#Armada War:
            354 federation ships versus 385 romulan ships!!(6400 officers) 
            Decide between the federation Armada led by Jean-Luc Picard 
            and the romulan Armada led by Admiral Sela and fight 
            the greatest battle ever.
            This is a nice tactical Map only for Multiplayer-Assault. 

           #The Wormhole Sector:
            This is like a big cosmical labyrinth with 48 wormholes 
            to 16 sectors with lots of ressources.
            You can fight for planets in the Multiplayer-colonize-planets
            or against each other in the Single/Multiplayer-regular.

           #Can You Survive In Fluid-Space?:
            You are in the spezies´s 8472 homesector deep in fluid-space
            so this is a good question!
            You have infinite ressources 
            but that´s no hindrance for spezies 8472. So have a good luck!
            This is a great battle Map for Multiplayer-defend-planet and

            You are in a asteroidfield full of latinum and a 
            Transwarpgate to get out. But stay in because; 
            "resistance is futile...". A long-playing Map
            for Multiplayer-Assault and Single/Multiplayer-regular.

           #Stars and Stripe:
            You have enough ressources? Built warships and 
            "transwarp" your rivals!
            This is a great battle Map for Multiplayer-defend-planet and

           #Sector 001:
            This is a Single/Multiplayer-regular Map of our Sol-System. 
            With all its planets and objects.
            Your order: defend home! 

           #The Transwarpcenter:
            There are 39 sectors full of ressources, secrets and surprise.
            In the middle a undestroyable Transwarpcenter.
            This is a huge tactical Map for Multiplayer-capture-the-flag 
            and Single/Multiplayer-regular. You can play for days on this Map!
            The sun on these map becames a supernova which destroys everything. 
            So hurry up! For Multiplayer-collect-latinum and 

           #The Ferengi Trade:
            To win on this map you have to trade like a ferengi!
            For Multiplayer-collect-latinum and Single/Multiplayer-regular.

           #The Mass Grave:
            There are no planets, moons and latinum-nebulas in this sector.
            So how to get ressources? Capture the abandoned ships and stations
            and form a strong armada to win.
            A funny Map for Multiplayer-Assault and Single/Multiplayer-regular.
           #Assimilation Tourney:
            You start with a special tactical fusion cube.
            Your order is to assimilate the hole sector 
            and to destroy your rivals!
            "Negotiation is irrelevant" for Multiplayer-Assault and 
            This Multiplayer-Assault Map is like an interstellar race.
            you win the race if you reach the abandoned base at first.
            But be carefull. The course is pretty hard.

           #Galactic Core:
            Destroy your rivals in the center of our galaxy. 
            For Multiplayer-capture-the-flag and Single/Multiplayer-regular.

           #Colonize me if you can:
            This job looks very easy. Colonize the planet in the middle 
            of the Map to win. But there is a catch.....
            Only for Multiplayer-colonize-planets.
           #The Cube:
            62800 drones! You can put 875 normal cubes into it!
            This is Cube C 001-39300. Before you can destroy your rivals 
            you have to destroy this "real" borg cube.
            For Multiplayer-capture-the-flag and Single/Multiplayer-regular.
           #The Omega Particle:
            In this sector was a great war. The Cardassian found a new 
            Omega Particle. The Collective tried everything to capture it.
            Without success. This is handed to spezies 8472 on a plate.
            Extract ressources from the wracked ships and find 
            the Omega Particle because you can extract infinite ressources
            from it! For Multiplayer-Assault and Single/Multiplayer-regular.
5.Totally: 13 Single/Multiplayer Maps:
              13 regular Maps
           15 Multiplayer Maps:
              6 assault Maps
              2 defend-planet Maps
              2 collect-latinum Maps
              3 capture-the-flag Map
              2 colonize-planets Map

           2 player maps: 2
           3 player maps: 1
           4 player maps: 11
           5 player maps: 2
           6 player maps: 7
           7 player maps: 3
           8 player maps: 2

6.Credit: These Maps were all created by me.
          I used the Armada2 stuff, the Armada2 editor and 
          MS Windows Paint.   

7.Contact: e-mail: [email protected]
           You can meet me in the ArmadaII Gamespy-lobby.
           My nicknames are "-=/\=mapman" or "-=/\=fleetops.net".   


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