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This map pack is compatible with both Armada 1 and Armada 2. It includes files for both the games. A unique file, this mod is called a "MapMOD". See the readme for more info. Download if you wish!




                   Star Trek: Armada I and Armada II
		       Signs of the Chodak Combo
                 Admiral RexStar ([email protected])


From: Admiral Rexstar
Location: Starbase A-1
Coordinates: http://www.angelfire.com/trek/starbasea1/index.html
To: All Star Trek and Armada fans.

  This readme is only an update of the Sings of the Chodak prior version,
once again, both maps are included. One of Armada I and the other for 
Armada II. This map uses many new elements as planets and ships. Please
refer to the Signs of the Chodak for instructions and complete credis. So
far, many can be found in both A2files and Armada Fleet Command. Here's 
the background for this mission:

                             ----- =A= ------

*Before the Federation...
        *Before the Klingons...
           *Before the Romulans
                         *and the Vulcans...there were the Chodaks.

     *Once they were the most powerful Empire ever, a shell-being socie-
ty that was separated in two classes: those that were Chodak and those
from other species. An empire that extended its knowledge nearly all
the quadrant, slavering and dominating every inferior race. Their tech-
nology...incredibly superior...their ultimate super weapon: The Unity
Device. A weapon so powerful that created at Warp 18 an incredible 
time-disruption singularity as the size of the Universe. However, their
power, their society and The Unity Device ended in a mysterious blast
unknown to history. So, what they were became legend... and then myth.
     *Centuries later, an archeological research and a conquest for power
led the crew of the Enterprise-D to find the enigmatic power behind the
Chodak. Romulans, Garidians... and the new Chodak were racing against
each other to find the weapon of the ultimate power; yet only Captain
Picard and his crew were the Federation's first and only line of defense.
A mission, which became the "Final Unity" and peace between the Chodak
and their creation, as soon everyone realized the truth motives of this
living weapon. 
     Now, several years later, traces of the unity Device were found in
a unhabitable and outside system of the Federation, Members of the 
Vulcan Research and Archeology team found the evidence in several ruins
spreaded across two planets, leaving merely behind the pieces for a new
puzzle... the Unity Device has returned. Nevertheless, the contact with
the Vulcan team was lost without knowing what or who caused the trans-
mission to collapse. Quickly, the news were known in all the Empires
and planets from the Quadrant...the only enigma...no word from the 
strangely seen Chodaks. The battle is on, as enemy races compete against
you in the search for the Vulcan ships and the secret behind the signs
of the Chodak.

                           ----- =A= ------


What is a MapMOD?
 A mapmod is simply a map that uses new elements to recreate and enchance
the user experience in the game. Since each mapmod uses other's fans creations
I don't claim any of their work. Note, that in order to play correctly the
game you will need those elementes (ships, planets, backgrounds) specified
in their individual readmes. An universe of great mods is out there...so
why don't use them? 

About Starbase A-1: Alpha One...
  Founded in December 2001 is a place in where both multiplayer and single 
player maps are made for Star Trek Armada I and II. First in creating 
"Mission Maps" or "Map-mods" in where fans' addons are used, as planets,
ships, backgrounds, etc. Home of several map campaigns like "The Ba'ku 
Incident Campaign" and "Star Trek Nemesis."

Maps included in this pack:

Mission Controls: (Armada 1)

Name= Signs of the Chodak
BZN=  3chodak.bzn
Players by color= Federation: white (in the map: white) Player "Team 1"
                  Romulan: blue (in the map: blue) Team 2
                  Borg: red   (in the map: red) Team 3
Units= Map Units
Tech= Standard Tech 

Mission Controls: (Armada 2)

Name= Signs of the Chodak
BZN=  7chodak.bzn
Players by color= YOU CHOOSE (Although I always use the Federation).
Tech= Standard Tech 


Mission Creation:

Author: Admiral RexStar 
Editor use: Map Editor (Qedit)

Manual Installation: Depending in your version, put the files in their
 respective archives in the games.

Elements used:
	Suurok Class by Deemon
        Solar System Pack by Atlantis Project
	Oberon and Rocyloycola planets by Rassilon

NOTE: The Suurok Class can also be found in 


under the addons section (first select a map section and then addons).

Soon to be moved at Starbase A-1!!!

***********Exclusively for those Star Trek: Armada Fans****************


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