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This is zeichys first ship, it is no deemon, but for a first ship, he did a good job :D now, y dont you download ;)


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This is zeichys first ship, it is no deemon, but for a first ship, he did a good job :D

now, y dont you download ;)

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Metatron Mod For Star Trek Armada II

Well, well someone download my mod.  Amazing.  You are truely amazing.  As you guessed this is the read me.  As i have downloaded many mods in the past many read mes follow patterns that i have noticed.  And here the read me goes...

Model : Overlord/Zeich
Textures : Voyager009 or known as Vortex009
Lights: Voyager009
All odfs : Overlord/Zeich
Read Me : Overlord/Zeich

This mod adds a ship that is made out of a living metal which is found in Dilithium.  Metatron bonds to peoples life and they become apart of each other.  That puts it in a nut shell.  

Installing : 
Just copy the files to thier corrent folders.  Ex: "fmeta.SOD" goes to the sod folder.(warning if you do not want to over write any mods do not transfer the tech tree stuff)
TO NOT over write other mods you need to do the following....
Go to a federation shipyard or starbase in your game and add : 

buildItemx = "fmeta"

(x is the next number in line)

Then go to your tech tree folder and add to your fulltech : 

gmeta 0
gmetano 0

Known Bugs :
1)Wireframes may appear as different ships or not at all.  sorry about that :(.
2)buttons images missing
3)no third bug
4)no forth bug either

And there you go.  Now this ship takes time!  And i can't stress this enough.  This ship needs the 1.1 patch.  Mods do not tell you this.  This mod was not tested in 1.0!  So now go and play with the Metatron Class.  Sorry but there are 2 buttons that are there but no image is there.  On to change to attack mode and one to turn it off.  Thanks goes to Vortex009 for  leting me use his armor odf.  If any bugs appear out of no where e-mail me at

Legal stuff:
Copyright and Distribution Permissions


Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek : Enterprise (plus the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 
If you use this model in any Star Trek: Armada 1 or 2 project please include this file. 
If you make this file available at your website or anothers please include a link to

You can't blame me if this screws up your game.  Warning you....

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