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"Unexpected." - That's the first word in Joelteon's review of version 1.01 of Yacuzza's Midnight Universe mod. Same thing cam...


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"Unexpected." - That's the first word in Joelteon's review of version 1.01 of Yacuzza's Midnight Universe mod. Same thing came to my mind when I checked for new file submissions, considering that the much smaller version 1.01 of this mod was released just a week ago. More than doubled in size (from about 40MB to 90MB) this pack brings visuals of your Armada 2 installation to a new level, featuring:

- new planet and moon models - new map backgrounds - new asteroid fields - comets - new map editor assistant - and much more. What I don't like about it is the loss of online compatibility to stock 1.1 installations and the quite confusing installer, which could need some tweaking. But it's still must-have for all the other players out there :rock: .

- TParis

Note: It's recommended to install this on a clean 1.1 version of A2. Those who are already using 1.0 or 1.01 of Midnight Universe have to remove these versions before installing this in order to make it work properly.

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Download 'midnight_universev2.zip' (86.58MB)

Midnight Universe
Midnight Universe is custom universe addon for Star Trek Armada 2  or mods that are made for this game
Midnight Universe includes only one TEST map with new custom universe,
as this is moders pack it is let to mods creator to choose what parts of it to include into ther creation
for that and for creating new or editing old maps, easy to use map editor is included in this pack.

Version 2.00

This new pack is third release and many things are updated to other 2 versions
Added new suns textures and higher poly models for them 
Added 10 animated planet models with atmosphere,  as background objects
Added new dilithium moons models 
Added new latinum and bio-matter models 
Added new tritanium moons models 
Added new asteroid fields in 3 diferent variations
Added asteroid dust that can damage your ships
Added new set of backgrounds 
Added new asteroid fields in 3 diferent variations 
Added Storm3D to view you models 
Added new installer with easy to use user interface
Added new animated models of comets that travels thro map
Added new installer with easy to use user interface
Added new map editor. 

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Version 2 is diferent to v1.01 so please do uninstall older version before instaling this
+ PATCH 1.1
Runn InstallShield setup exe file, chose custom and
select Star Trek Armada 2 default folder as your install location
Follow inataller instructions
Model License Agreement
You may:  use this mod  in any supported Star Trek Armada 2 game modification
You may not:  sell,rent, or release the models textures and other files in this project or its documentation 
as your own,or  modify it with out contact of  .
All rights on models & textures made by  are reserved and  owned by  .
The Models  may be downloaded and released from and on any web site.

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First of all I like to thank all who helped makeing this program and are listed down
Achilles for making planet models and animation for them  
Achilles for models, textures and animation of comet
Raven Night (Nightsoft) & Nanobyte for NanoFX textures
Celestia Motherload for planet textures 
Jestr for planet and athmosphere textures 
All beta testers who help in creation of this pack                     

This release contains few files made by NIGHTSOFT and this licence apllys only to those files
So here is their licence
The mods listed are the property of Nightsoft, Inc., patent pending, and are not to be distributed for profit, sold, bartered, rented, or otherwise used for personal gain without express permission from the owner. All rights are reserved.
Permission is hereby given to all that wish to distribute or alter these mods, as long as the conditions of the readme are met and this license is included in the readme, and appears at the top of the document. The mod must remain proprietary; usage is restricted to SFC, BC, KA and Armada. You must also secure permission from the original author of the mod. If you wish to alter one of the mods  in any way, we ask that you contact the original author for permission before you release it to the public. If you do not follow the aforementioned conditions, you will be considered in violation of this user license agreement, and will be subject to legal action. Any and all subsequent alterations or additions to the products are the property of Nightsoft. Nightsoft reserves the right to alter this Licence at any time.

copyright Ā© GP 2008

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