Millennium Class



Just what A2Files needs.... another 'god' Starfleet vessel. This one promises to do EVERYTHING! It has powerful phasers and Warp 10 and carrier bays and even quantum torpedo launchers. Even special "electro distributional" shielding and all! What does the Federation need with all the other ships in the fleet when they've got this!?

Well, to be honest, you're going to want everything else. Because this one needs a lot of work just to get it functional. Most obvious of the errors (which haven't yet corrected in the .zip but which I or one of the other mods here might correct for HMS_Frontier to save a second "corrected" upload) is the multiple spellings of "millennium" in the various files.

Also needing attention ---less as an error and more of a "wtf?" moment--- are the textures. I'm not positive that these textures are entirely fitting to this vessel. You're going to want to use the "noregistry" textures included-- the ship's ventral registry is some other ship's, reversed, while the dorsal registry looks like it's done in block letters rather than standard Starfleet-style scripting.

This isn't HMS_Frontier's first mod, and his progress, and his potential, as a modder is certainly evident. Like many of his other projects, it looks like it'll need a couple rounds of beta-testing (something that should've been done with the MOD prior to its being sent to A2Files anyway) in order to fully flesh out everything that could go wrong. The workmanship put into this mod is good, but not quite worthy of being called "great". Even the smallest detail out of place with Armada II --as we've all learned the hard way from time to time-- means the difference between an awesome Star Trek gaming experience and a frustrating evening of black-screen-of-death error hunting.

(And I'm not saying this to be cruel to you, HMS_Frontier. You're trying-- that counts for one hell of a lot with me. Don't stop modding on my account or anyone else's. She could be one truly awesome ship. I want to see it happen as much as you do. And I hope you can make it so.)

Worth a download if you're willing to help HMS_Frontier turn a good single-ship MOD into a great one.


- the Kid



Millennium Class V1 By HMS Frontier

The Millennium Class is the pinnacle of Star Fleet engineering achieving warp 10 its main role 
is a Exploration Cruiser but it has also got Electro Distributional Shielding that Distributes
the majority of phaser energy away from the hull also armed  with phasers 
and twin quantum torpedo luncher and fighters it also doubles up as a battle cruiser/carrier

Install Intructions
1a.Place all folders in your main A2 directory
1b.If you don't want the ship registry on the hull  rename the texture folder texture_b 
and rename textures_noregistry textures
2.Add buildItemx = "millennium" to fyard.odf or fyard2.odf replacing x 
with the number it is on build list (found in odf/staition folder)
3.Add fmillennium.odf  0  and fmfighters.odf 0 to tech1.tt and fulltech.tt (found in techtree folder)

Original Model and Textures from SFC2 EAW
Odf, Admirals Pic, Modified Model and Textures by HMS Frontier

You may use this mod in your mod you may also convert or modify this mod 
and release it on a2 files as long as no profit is made and credit is given

Help and Support
If you need any help with this mod email hms_frontierATstartrek-armadaDOTcoDOTuk 
(replace AT with @ and DOT with .)

Copyright notices: 
Star Trek: Armada, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager Star Trek: Enterprise (and the various logo devices used in them) 
are copyright Paramount Pictures,as are the characters, related images, and sound from 
the productions. 


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