Missing Stuff 2.0

This is an updated version of the Missing Stuff mod:

this mod changes meny things in-game. One of the things that struck me was the voice...


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This is an updated version of the Missing Stuff mod:

this mod changes meny things in-game. One of the things that struck me was the voices for the Intrepid have changed. The auther didnt like the ones shiped with the game. There are also some more usefull additions, such as alot of ships now have more weapons, wich where mentioned in the manual but didnt appear in-game.

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Download 'missingstuff2-a2bychiletrek.zip' (610KB)

 First I want to apologize with all the people who download my first "missing stuff mod" because I forgot to put some of the missing things in manual and in the game.

 I'm Chiletrek and this zip file contains some missing stuff that appears in the Manual and also contains little upgrades to some ships that don't alter game balance much... this version contains all the missing things and it may change the things posted in my first mod, this mod will enhance the game.

 This MOD is for Star Trek: Armada2

- Very extra stuff:
 1) New voices for the Intrepid class. We know that the Intrepid has the same voices that the other Fed destroyers, but now has the voices from the Armada 1's Nebula class... that woman voice are very great and and is very worthy for install.

 2) I modified the fbphot.odf file that is in-game and was the Quantum torpedo in Armada1. That torpedo is now color blue and is called "Light Quantum Torpedo", this weapon can be put in any ship but can't make multi-shots. (the damage : 60).

 3) Have you ever wanted play Instant Action with hero ships but the Cardassian hero ship is too weak???. I put here a solution: I added a new commander for the Cardassians: Gul Khazad. Khazad has a Keldon class ship with a hero type "Plasma Bank Overload" and has the hero health of 3000  (hero type weapon just like Enterprise's Reflector), this new weapon is also added to Kentar's Keldon for the campaigns!.

 For the Romulan's I downloaded the "Romulan Admiral Sela Hero Mod V1.1 by Warlords Modding Union", is the BEST Sela's ship because that mod includes Sela's voice (from Armada1) and has a ton of new special weapons. you can download any other ship of your preference and you will be able to play instant action with all the HEROES!!!!!.

- Stuff:
 The missing stuff are weapons:
 1) 8472's Behemoth now has the defensive phasers that destroys any incoming torpedo (from manual).

 2) Romulan's Draconarius Class has now a photon torpedo launcher (the torpedo is already in-game but nobody uses it)(from manual).

 3) Romulan's Griffin Class has now a photon torpedo launcher (not in maunual, but the torpedo is in the game).

 4) Kingon's Vor'cha class has now a photon torpedo launcher (not in manual but the torpedo is already in-game too).

 5) Romulan's Venator Class has a longer range phaser than their partner the mighty Warbird (from manual).

 6) Starfleet HQ has it's menu fixed and is buildable from Federation's Construction ship.

 7) The Federation's torpedo turret now fires Quantum torpedos by changed the sprite (color), but has the same effectivity (from manual).

 8) Federation's Saucer Section have now an aft firing photon torpedo launcher (from manual).

 9) Cardassian's Keldon Class has now more powerful plasma banks and is a bit more powerful with longer build time (from manual).

 10) The missing "potato" Dilithium moon was already released by me so is no need of puting this moon again! :P

- Upgrades:
 A few ships presents some improvements:
 1) Federation's Sovereign class has better health and their Quantum torpedos are more powerful and capable of multiple shots.

 2) Galaxy class' Saucer and Stardrive sections have more health and are more expensive but now you will be able to build any destroyed part for wounded Galaxy class.

 3) Federation's Starbase and HQ are now capable of build the parts of the Galaxy class (Saucer and Stardrive).

 4) Federation's Intrepid class has more weapons and health, it takes a little longer to build and is a bit expensive.

 5) Federation's Defiant Class has now a short-range phaser (not in manual but is a canon weapon!) and has an ablative armor (a bit more of health but the same shields).
 The USS Incursion now is armed with the pulse phasers, Quantum torpedos and the short-range phaser.

 6) Romulan's Warbird class have a bit more weapons (pulse type) and it's plasma torpedos are now capable of doble shot.

 7) Species 8472's Mothership is now capable of travel more fast.

 8) Cardassian Gul Vystan Class has now a torpedo launcher that make this vessel a bit more deadlier.

 All instructions for installations are in readme 2!.txt . I hope you'll all like this fix. This files are free of virus in the date of the releasing so I'm not responsible for any damage. For any questions and suggestions you can E-mail me at: 


any feedback is apreciated.


 Paramount Pictures: for showing us the great creation of Gene Roddenberry.
 Activision & Mad Doc Software: for creating this great game; ships, stations , weapons and voices.
 Me! (Chiletrek) for making the fixes that allow us to use some missing materials and for making the Behemoth defensive phasers & defiant phaser.

P.D.: I heard the opinion of a member (can't remember the name, sorry) that wrote about to put some weapons on the Omega Containment Ships... well, I will work on it and I planing to make the Omega Particle's shockwave very dangerous, so you'll will be able to put traps to your enemies and make them blow up!!!!!!  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^

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