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This is the Borg's mobile Assimilation Matrix, a truly huge structure that seems too big to be practically usable by the Borg. The problem w...


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This is the Borg's mobile Assimilation Matrix, a truly huge structure that seems too big to be practically usable by the Borg. The problem with saying that, of course, is that the Borg have been so utterly overdone by the canon, and by modders in like spirit, that we have the Assimilators and Diamonds, Probes and Spheres in the canon, along with unimatrix structures and massive hub complexes. Modders have taken the concept of the "polygons of DOOM" into such truly bizarre directions as the Cylinder, the Tactical Pyramid, and back over into highly specialized attack vessels such as the Dominator-- to say nothing of the stock game's inclusion of the Borg Wedge (which I've always taken a peculiar delight in pronouncing "Borg Wedgie"), Harmonic Defender, and the truly unlikely shape and designation of the Harbinger class. Anyone else remember when all it took was one cube to terrify the entire Federation?

Either way, the purpose of this mammoth Borg structure is to do what the stock Technology Assimilator does, disassembling ships and using its own holding beams and docking bay to pull ships apart for processing. Whether it succeeds or fails in this regard is obviously a matter of some play-testing and seeing what you, the modders of the community, think of the idea.

Worth a look.


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Borg Mobile Assimilator by CanadianBorg

Any pointers or advice would be appreciated.

This is a large Borg ship that is equipped with holding beams and the ability to decomission ships in the field. It has two phasers, but weak shields in relation to its size and crew level. Thanks go out to Night_Wolf for creating the textures (I was unable to contact him before release).


Open the archive file and extract the folder "Borg Mobile Assimilator" somewhere outside your A2 directory.

Copy all the folders inside to your root A2 directory.

Now, open gui_global.spr in the "sprites" folder in your A2 main directory with Notepad, and scroll down to the Borg build buttons. Now enter:

b_bmassim		gbbmassim	0	0	64	64

below the last item.

Now save and close gui_global.spr and go to the techtree folder within the A2 directory with Notepad. Now open Scroll down to the Borg ships and add:

bmassim.odf 2 byard2.odf bupgrade.odf

Now save and close Open with Notepad and enter the following anywhere in the list:

bmassim.odf 0

Now save and close the file.

Now Go to the odf folder, and go to "stations". Open byard2.odf with Notepad, and enter the following:

buildItemxx = "bmassim"

Where "xx" is the next number in the list (replace it with this number).

Also, make sure to change the ScaleSOD value to something higher, you'll see why in-game, because this ship is monstrous. I don't know the proper ScaleSOD value for the stock yard, simply because I replaced it with something. So you'll have a bit of experimenting to do. Be sure to post the optimal values in the comments section for this mod.

Save and close byard2.odf.

That's it! Your new Mobile Assimilator is ready to serve the Collective! (Unassimilated species sold separately.) I might be coming out with a V2 that features an enhanced physics file, so stay tuned!


This mod is not made or supported by Activision or Paramount.
CanadianBorg Industries cannot be held responsible for any damage to your computer or your game by this mod.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, you can e-mail me at

If you wish to use this ship in any of your mods, please ask me first. Thank you.

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