Multi Target Torpedo

Well...It does what it claims to do :D Nice torp texture too :)


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Well...It does what it claims to do :D

Nice torp texture too :)

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************************* Multi Target Torpedo - Only for Armada 2 *************************

Copy all files in the right directory, like it is shown in the zip file.

Copy all entries in the right files of your game.

Simply put only the lines (*) in between.

Insert following in the file, if you want in other techtree files too.
XYZ is the name of the race which is gonna use the weapon.

************************* XYZ SPECIAL WEAPONS *************************
Xtorp1.odf 0                                    // Multi Target Torpedo

Insert following entry in the gui_global.spr file.

********Special weapon buttons*************************************
b_Xtorp1		gbxtorp		 0	 0	 64	 64

Insert following entry in the weapon.spr file.
Carefull, just under the line of the general phaser otherwise the game might crash

********General phaser*********************************************
wxtorp		Xtorp	0	0	64	64     @anim=tex2x2

Normally you have to include the weapon in the ships odf file, but if you use the ships I included you don't need to because I already did that.

If you don't wanna use my ships, simply edit a ship of your choice and put "Xtorp1" where the weapon names is which you want to alter.

That's it. Enjoy the game.

************************* Created by ClaesStefan *********************************
************************** Email: *************************
******************** Website: ********************

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