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this mod changes some of the norm ships and adds other do dads to it


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this mod changes some of the norm ships and adds other do dads to it

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hx for downloading the mod, it's my first.


Simply move your original odf file, "C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\odf", to another location.
Then cut and paste the new odf file to where you took the original file from.

Changes in the game:

Mod Mainly for the federation race!

Planet and moon resources are now inf despite the IA settings.
All planets are colonisable.
Scout ship now faster and can scan farther and can cloak.
Mining freighters can carry more resources, can go to warp even with latinum, and can cloak (but not wile mining).
Shipyard now does the job of both the shipyard and advanced shipyard, and is larger.
Star base can cloak, and has corbonite reflector.
Construction ships can cloak (even while building), have corbonite reflector, and has Engine overload.

Thx to me Clutch152 for making the mod.
Thx to Lil Daga for the Alpha Beta testing and ideas and for convincing me to submit it to

Keep a look out for more mods hopefully to come.

Oh and if you have and Ideas for me please send them to

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