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Well after 3 hours of uploading then a time out then another 3 hours of uploading, I bring you the naval armada demo. everything in it was great I cant think of anything to critisize so I'll just say try it out its awesome :rock:



Naval Armada Demo v1.0
By Westworld

Welcome to the Demo Version of Naval Armada, this version includes 2 of the countries for Naval Armada, the US and USSR.
This document is intended to be viewed with Wordpad, It can be viewed with MS Word but the pic sizing is not completely correct in Word.

Minimum System Requirements 
Note: Star Trek Armada 2 and the Armada 2 v 1.1 patch are required to play Naval Armada, but just because your system can run Armada 2 does not automatically mean that it will run Naval Armada properly, please check the system requirements and recommendations below.
1.	Pentium® II 500 MHz or Athlon® processor or higher
2.	Windows® 95/98/2000/ME operating system
3.	128 MB of RAM
4.	500MB of uncompressed free hard drive space
5.	100 MB for the Windows swap file
100% Windows 95/98/2000/ME-compatible computer system including: 
6.	DirectX 8.0a
7.	 (600 K/sec sustained transfer rate) CD-ROM drive and drivers.
3D Accelerator Card Required
8.	A 100% DirectX 8.0a or higher compliant 16MB or higher 3D video card and driver is required to play Naval Armada.
9.	Some 3D accelerator card brands may not be compatible with the 3D acceleration features utilized by Naval Armada.
10.	Please check with the card's manufacturer to ensure DirectX 8.0a compatibility.
Important Note 1: This product uses DirectX 8.0a technology, which requires your system to have the latest Windows 95/98/ME/2000 drivers (for CD-ROM, video card, sound card and input devices) that fully support DirectX 8.0a 
Important Note 2: It is highly recommended that if any part of your system only meets these minimum requirements that you use the low resolution textures instead of the high resolution ones. The low res textures are available at navalarmada.com in the Downloads/Naval Armada downloads section of the site. By default the mod will install the high res textures, you must download and manually install the low res ones, if you need them. Instructions for installing the low res textures is included in the low res texture pack download. 

Recommended System Requirements 
11.	Pentium® III 1000 MHz or Athlon® processor or higher
12.	Windows® 95/98/2000/ME operating system
13.	256 MB of RAM or more (the more the better)
14.	700MB of uncompressed free hard drive space
15.	500 MB for the Windows swap file
16.	DirectX 9.0a
17.	The Latest drivers for all your system hardware.
18.	A 100% DirectX 9.0a or higher compliant 32MB or higher 3D video card and driver is recommended to play Naval Armada.


Before installing Naval Armada to your system, please make sure you have a fresh installation of Star Trek Armada 2 with the version 1.1 patch installed. This mod is not compatible with any other mod so make sure the installation is fresh and has no other modded files included.
Defragmenting your hard drive is also highly recommended before installing or playing Naval Armada, this mod is a resource hog and should be played on a well tuned system.
Although it is not required, it is suggested that you delete the entire ODF directory from your fresh copy of ST Armada 2 before installing Naval Armada.


To install, simply run the installation program included in the zip file along with this readme. If you have problems loading the game, remove and reinstall everything from scratch.


To uninstall Go to your control panel>add/remove programs, and select Naval Armada Demo, then click the add/remove button.

Game Play notes:

Naval Armada is very different that other STA2 mods and game play reflects that.
Also note that this mod is not perfect, there are some issues who's causes could not be found. Many of these issues could be attributed to the amount of extreme changes made to the game to create this type of mod. I hope you enjoy it in spite of these issues, but for a list of the known issues please see the Known Issues & Troubleshooting Tips section of this manual, I did my best to list the issues encountered during testing, and possible solutions to those problems.

  	General notes
  Certain special weapons can only be targeted at stations, and others at only vessels. Also, some ships have versions of special weapons that fire automatically, such as the Tomahawk Missiles, some ships have ones you can target manually, and other ships have ones that fire automatically, without player targeting. This was done for a reason. 
  This Mod was designed to work only in Normal tech mode, it is not setup for any other type of tech play. Attemting to use any tech setup besides Normal tech will cause unpredictable results or game crashes.

  	Recommended Game Settings
  Game settings are up to you however, for the best gaming experience the suggested settings would be:
Game Settings: Normal or Lots of resources, More Officers, Thin Map and everything else at default settings.
Graphic Settings: Maximum detail, and at least 1024 X 768 screen resolution.
AI Settings: It is recommnded that the AI always be set on Hard, some other settings cause problems with certain combinations of AI controlled sides.

Ship notes:
  Most ships and aircraft are designed for specific purposes and not all are effective to just send in mass fleets to attack. I.e.: some ships are designated minesweepers, and will not be damaged in mine fields like other ships would be, Some planes are bombers, some are fighters, some are interceptors etc… so bombers will not fare well against fighters but will devastate buildings and ships. Some ships are close combat vessels and others are long-range missile ships. 
  All ships have limited ammunition and will run out if not accompanied by an ammo supply ship, these ammo ships are a very important part of fleet activities and without them your ships may not be able to fight back against the enemy for very long. Ammo ships have very little defensive capabilities, if any, and are not well armored, so they need to be protected.
  Aircraft Carriers are also similar to the munitions ships; they have limited defensive capabilities, and need to be escorted. Carriers are very expensive but also required if you want to build all the available types of aircraft. Carriers also, to a certain extent, repair and resupply the nearby aircraft.    

  	Resource notes:
  There are 3 types of resources in Naval Armada, Oil, Gold, and Metal. 
  Oil is the raw material for making fuel for all vessels. All vessels and most building will require oil for one reason or another when they are constructed. Oil is retrieved from oil rigs, by tankers and refined at the oil refinery.
  Gold is the currency used to buy other materials you cannot gather on your own, some units and some high tech buildings require personnel and technology that you cannot gather solely on your own so you purchase them from private organizations. Gold is mined from the Gold mountains automatically (they have gold specks on them) and retrieved by the Gold freighters and returned to the Gold Refinery, which removes impurities and turns the gold ore into gold bars added to your gold reserves. 
  Metal is used in the construction of just about everything in the mod, ships, buildings, planes etc…. Metal is mined from Metal Mountains automatically (they have silver specks on them) then retrieved by the metal freighters, and returned to the metal smelting facility to be refined into various metals and alloys used for construction of anything in the game.

  	Research notes:
  Research works a bit differently in Naval Armada. Research is not usually for specific weapons; it is more of areas of research, or ship designs. There are 2 research stations in Naval Armada, the first is the basic research, which researches technologies for weapons systems on basic ships, this makes certain ships become available for building, and also makes certain weapons on other ships available. There are 8 different research labs for the basic research center, and they all have to be built in order, i.e.: lab 1, then lab 2, then lab 3 etc… All research is dependent on the previous research. The Future Tech lab is similar to the basic but it researches more specific things, such as specific ships designs and concept craft as well as specific weapons systems and super weapons. Future tech Research also has 8 labs to research and also must be built in order.
 	Map Notes:

 Naval Armada is not designed to work with default maps that come with Armada 2, although some beta testers say they do work with the mod, it is not recommended or supported though technical support if you do use the default maps. We suggest you use the maps included with the mod or make your own maps.
  The map editor is setup for making your own Naval Armada maps; however there are a couple notes to keep in mind of you decide to do so:
1.	The water surface is a map object, not a default part of the background.
2.	The Map objects like Islands and Map Monsters, to work properly, should be set as a separate non-player team. I.e.: team 5 on a 4-player map, and set as AI team in the editor. For more information on map making consult one of the larger Armada mod sites, such as Armada Fleet Command or Armada Universe and look for a map making tutorial, there are several very good ones available.

<part of manual skipped because of pictures>

Known Problems & Troubleshhoting tips:

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THIS SECTION -  Some of these are not actually bugs or problems with the mod, but they are more of the limitations that we could not overcome with the Armada 2 game engine in reference to a mod of this type. Others are just problems encountered due to certain game, graphics or AI settings, using the recommended settings listed in the Gamaplay notes section of this manual will reduce the instances of some of these issues arising.

1.	Default Altitude control of the units is not perfect, we know this, sometimes planes and or ships will move on a Z axis plane that is undesirable, there is nothing more we could do to correct that. We did our best to limit the problem but could not entirely overcome it. The player can set the default altitude of their units or stations, that should help, but the AI player will not do so. 
2.	The mod is a resource hog, However it is recommended that you not turn the graphics settings down unless you have a problem while playing such as slowdowns or crashes. If you do encounter these problems you could use the low resolution textures (256 x 256) that are available from navalarmada.com in the Naval Armada downloads section.  
3.	AI Opponents will sometimes attempt to attack and destroy Islands, this is because of the way the islands are set up, they are actually considered stations of a non-selectable race. There is not much that can be done about this and still have the islands in the game.
4.	Occasionally for reasons unknown, the NA mod and Armada 2 may need to be reinstalled to keep the mod working correctly. Back up your saved games and Uninstall the mod, and Armada 2, then, reinstall Armada 2 and the patch, and reinstall the Naval Armada, that should resolve the problem if the game begins to crash on loading. If not, see the Technical Support section of this manual, after checking the system requirements for Naval Armada.
5.  This is not a problem just a note about the mod. Naval Armada contains Mipmaps (various levels of texture details) and LOD for the models and textures, so when viewing the models in the Storm 3D viewer, to actually see the highest res textures and most detailed version of the models, you will have to manually switch the LOD level. Storm 3D automatically displays the lowest res texture and lowest LOD when the model is placed in the viewer. These LODs and Mipmaps are there to help improve performance, the low resolution textures also contain mipmaps and an extra level of them as well, to help performance on lower end machines. 
6.  When using the High -Res textures it is advised that you have your graphics settings set to high and your resolution set on at least 1024 X 768, otherwise the US side tends to have trouble loading, the reason for this is currently unknown.
7.  It is recommnded that the AI always be set on Hard, some other settings cause problems with certain combinations of AI controlled sides, especially with the Player as the US and the AI as USSR set to medium difficulty. The reason for this is currently unknown.
8. Occasionally the mod will crash on loading, but then the next time work fine with the exact same settings, The reason for this is currently unknown, if this occurs try restarting your computer, if it persists, try changing your AI settings, or the AI controlled players in the game.

Technical Support

For any technical issues or questions about this mod please refer to this manual first, if that does not answer your questions further support can be obtained from:

 The Naval Armada official forum at Armada Fleet Command Forums.

Or at the Naval Armada forum at SGN Online


If you cannot find the answer at either of these 2 forums or this manual you can contact me by email at:
[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

However, only questions not answered in this manual or the forums will be addressed through email, so please use those resources first before contacting me directly. The Forums are full of people who can help with any technical issues and I also visit those forums on a regular basis to answer questions and make announcements about the mod.

  Many people contributed parts to this mod so I hope I do not forget anyone.

Steve Westaby AKA Westworld
Paul Basar AKA Paal_101

Other Part time or honorary Naval Armada team members:
Devil's Hitman 
Other Model Contributions by:
The Great One
Major A. Payne
Mr. C.
Model Texturing and Texture Making:
Additional 2D ART:
Quevey - Buttons
The Great One - Splash Screens And Banners
ChYuChen - High Res Wireframes
Westworld - Everything someone else didn't make.
Quantum Halo
CHRIS (Mr. C.)
Devil's Hitman
Devil's Hitman
The Command and Conquer series of games by Westwood Studios
Voiceovers & Sound Effects from: 
Empire Earth 
Starfleet Command 2 by Interplay
X-COM Interceptor by MicroProse
Battlefield 1942
Various Command And Conquer Games
Designed and Created by
jemidiah of STGN
NAVAL ARMADA Splash Screens By:
The Great One
Compiled and edited by Westworld
With Footage from:
Command & Conquer games
Battlefield 1942
Jane's Fleet Command
Various online resources, gathered by Amasov
The Warlords Modding Union - For all their help and support with the massive amount of work that went into this project.
diern~shaw - Who inspired me to start this massive project.
Armada Fleet Command - Who besides being a good friend, has supported the mod and hosted the Web site for Free and also provided a new official NA forum when STGN closed.
Kleotol - For his Help, advice, support and Unwavering friendship over the past couple years. 
Trickster - For his support and Advertising of the mod.
Major A. Payne - For model contributions (Euro chopper) as well as other support.
Thunderst - For model contributions, Namely the Russian Hind E.
Challenger - For several model contributions, as well as some voiceovers. 
Wraith & Matthew Ting & Trenthowell, from the B5A2 team for their advice and support.
Amasov - he has been invaluable as a source of information and ideas since the early days of this project, many of the weapons and units in the mod were from his ideas.
Bryan - For model and sound/voiceover contributions.
STGN - They hosted the site for quite a while and also hosted the forum until they closed.
SGN Online - Also for hosting a Naval Armada forum
UGN - For another forum and graphics contributions. 
The Original Armada Team - For starting all this.
Mad Doc Software -  For continuing it all. Even though IMO they fixed a lot of things that were not broken in the process of doing so.
Naval Armada Team members and beta testers - Although they have been few and far between, they are one of the main reasons you are now reading these credits.
The Fans - There have been many devout fans that have supported the mod 
and they are the other main reason that you are reading this now.

Gene Roddenberry

Legal Stuff 

This mod is in no way affiliated with Activision, Westwood Studios, Mad Doc Software, or Electronic Arts, do not attempt to contact them for any support or questions about this product. See the Technical Support section of this manual for resources on getting assistance with any issues you may encounter while using this game modification. The Creators of this mod accept no responsibility for any damages or problems incurred by using this modification, use at your own risk.

Copyright (c) 1997-2001 by
Rad Game Tools, Inc.

Star Trek and all names and related materials are registered Trademarks of Paramount Pictures, all rights reserved.

Star Trek Armada 2 is property of Activision.

Command & Conquer and all related materials are registered Trademark of Westwood Studios, and Electronic Arts, all rights reserved. 

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