NCC 1701-Z

This is Dragon Masters latest modification of The NCC 1701-Z

The model is an unusual mix of standard starfleet issue and concept art. It...


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File Description

This is Dragon Masters latest modification of The NCC 1701-Z

The model is an unusual mix of standard starfleet issue and concept art. It has a sleek design with the two nacelles connected at two points rather than the standerd one.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The New and Improved NCC-1701-Z~~~~~~~~~~

By: Dragon Master

After counting how many ppl have actually requested this ship, I've
come to the conclusion that if 53 ppl want this ship, by darn I'm going to find
away around using Queball's textures & his model as a base so i could release it. Thus
I did, at first i used ones based off q's old textures, but then Bresin got PO'ed and i had
to make another based off the sov's texture. Thus now queball cant bitc4 about me using his textures. As for the model,
I used the premonition varients models as a base, ya know, the ones in the 3d meshes part
of a2files? After all that i have three things to say:

1. Eat my shorts Queball b/c u cant take this mod down now b/c none of ur stuff is in it
2. B/c i had to make new textures, i had to make a new model which isnt as good as the one about 9 of you got
b4 the old one got taken down. (lucky few of you ;) )
3. The rest of you enjoy this mod!

Put all of the files in thier respective folders, except
the file unless this is a brand new copy of a2. The weapons.spr
file pretty much has every a2 weapon mod on the site so it should be ok to replace yours with.
If it isnt, then open up and add:
fentz.odf 0
gshock194.odf 0
prmgate.odf 0

-If you want the Enterprise-Z to be built in another place than
the advanced fed shipyard, go  into the shipyard of ur choice and add:

buildItemX = "fentz"

X 4 da # in da build list.

---------------Legal Mumbo Jumbo
This mod was created solely by me, though it may be based
upon others mods, it doesn't include thier model parts or textures,
making it a purely original creation of my own. The only exception
to this is  Sherman's type 18 disruptor, which was created entirely by him.
This mod isnt supported by Activision, if something goes wrong I and/or Activision aren't responsible.

-----Contact info
I can be reached at:

------A tiny FAQ

Q: Wait a sec.. how many different model of this ship did you make?!
A: 17, 14 using Q's model base, 3 using the prem. varient as a base.

Q: So y is this ship special?
A: Use the type 18 shockwave to find out >:->

Q: DM, Didnt i tell you not to call it a type 18 shockwave?
A: Yes Sherman, but i was preoccupied fending of corkupines

-DM out

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