A map filled with nebulas, the fourth by John Gray


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A map filled with nebulas, the fourth by John Gray

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file name:	nebula.bzn
created by:	johndavid240
size:		10000 X 10000 (fairly small)
players:	2
ai direlects:	0
ai players:	0
	<would not count towards 2 starting locations>

brief description (and why i made this map):
   this map is to test your abilitys to engage the enemy after traveling through a vast nebula field.  most of the nebula field has restricted sight (some areas don't).  there are 2 black holes :D for you to deal with (if you take that path).  the only annoying thing is the computer constantly say's 'you have entered a dangerous nebula'.  you have limited resources, but they are there.  i made this map because the last map i submitted isn't getting much attention, so i thought i'd try something not-so-original.  hope you have fun with it. :D :D :D

to install:
   unzip file
   copy and paste "nebula.bzn" and "nebula.txt" to bzn folder
if something doesn't work with this, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIGURE IT OUT.  just find someone who would know

you can't really select your starting location (few of my maps actually work to let you select starting location/view map, but if its on here it can be played) and when you start, you usually (maybe always) start in the upper-left corner.  i think the starting locations move around clockwise from there (whatever order i placed them).  if you figure out how to start in a different location, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

questions, comments, or ideas:
   email me at and (please) type "armada2 map questions/comments/ideas" as the title

this is the fourth map i have proposed for the armada2files staff.  all maps in the johndavid240 collection are prize, void (map void), zelda, and nebula (this one).  for some reason, void is under unknown author.

prize has a lot of turrets
void is a VERY large open area
zelda is theme based, with a lot of resources
nebula is over 75% nebula, most of which is overlapping

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