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Brought to you by shadow_from_afc, This file contains six high quality variants of the Nebula class starship.

The variants are:[l...


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File Description

Brought to you by shadow_from_afc, This file contains six high quality variants of the Nebula class starship.

The variants are:

  • Nebula: This is the normal design. Ships of the class include T'Kumbra and Sutherland
  • Bonchune: Similar to the Nebula design with minor alterations. Similar versions of this ship appeared prominently in the latter stages of DS9 and while it actually appeared in "Message in a Bottle"
  • Phoenix: in this pack as fnebulasr this appeared in TNG: The Wounded. It's main features are the rounded AWACs Pod.
  • Melbourne: This is the famous Wolf 359 Nebula Class, it has two smaller nacelles mounted aft above the saucer.
  • Prototype II: The "original" Melbourne Class, this has the two minor nacelles protracted away from the main hull at aft while it's main nacelles are connected to a nacelle-holder that is basically the Galaxy nacelle-holder upside down.
  • Prototype III: This is a variation on the Prototype I (which is not here in this pack) but has elements of the original Nebula and Bonchune variants, basically the same AWACs Pod. As Shadow stated it appears in Sisko's office but was built as a predecessor to the Melbourne model for BoBW

This mod really is the essential Nebula pack for Armada 2, granted it's missing the Nebula Prototype I and the DS9 model which took part in the Battle to retake Chin'toka (Changing face of Evil). The quality is really good, almost perfect. Standing between 2280-2840 polys the models with their excellent but higher Res (512 x 512)textures might be too much for some but if you have a good PC then these are a definite download.

Great work! :thumbsup:

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Download '' (16.15MB)

Hi there,

With this zip-file you get 6 out of 8 cannon variants of the nebula class I know of.

I released some of them some time ago at afc. Since then I updated the textures a bit and changed the deflectors. If you have one of the older versions redownload, I guess you will like the result.

All of these ships where seen either on screen or used as study models or shipwrecks (prototypes).
For example fnebproto3 the carrier variant was used in DS9 as a model in Sisko´s office

I made the models following the photos that you can find on the net. If you want to see some reference go to

Variant 7 the hospital ship is just a texture change of the triangular pod utilized by an other game.
Variant 8 .is not well documented enough to make a model. So I did not include them.

The 6 ships in this package use 3 sets of textures.

Texture usage is as follows:
fmelbourne and fnebproto2  are using the textures Melbourne_1 to Melbourne_4
fspecial, fnebula, fnebproto3 are using the textures Nebula_1_1 to Nebula_1_5
fnebulasr is using the textures Nebula_sr_1 to Nebula_sr_5

The models all have a high poly count between 2284 (nebulasr) to 2842 (fmelbourne)  to achieve the quality I wanted.
I tried to cut that number down as far as I could, without destroying its looks.

Since all run perfectly on my computer I think that's no problem. 
I cannot guarantee that slower older systems will use them without problems.

I am using large texture files for the ships (512 x 1024 and 512 x 512). This my lead to problems with some older computers / graphic cards ( Excessive lagging for example) . I experienced none but cannot guarantee otherwise.
So you have been warned.

fnebula and fspecial  in this package have no wireframe included since they are using the original wireframe that came with armada2.
fspecial also uses the build button of the original game and is therefore not included.


Copy all .tga-files / RGB into Armada2 / Textures
Copy the .sod-files into Armada2 / SOD
Copy the .odf-files into Armada2 / ODF / Ships
Copy the .bmp-files into Armada2 / bitmaps / Admiralslog / Shipimages

Go to Armada2 / techtree
Open and and insert:

fnebulasr.odf 0
fnebula.odf 0
fmelbourne.odf 0
fnebproto2.odf 0
fnebproto3.odf 0

Go to Armada2 / Sprites
Open gui_global.spr
Insert the lines

# Federation build buttons


b_fnebulasr		gbfnebulasr	0	0	64	64
b_fnebula			gbfnebula		0	0	64	64
b_fmelbourne		gbfmelbourne	0	0	64	64
b_fnebproto2		gbfnebproto2	0	0	64	64
b_fnebproto3		gbfnebproto3	0	0	64	64

# Ship Wireframes


fmelbournew1			fmelbournewf	0	0	80	80
fmelbournew2			fmelbournewf	80	0	80	80
fmelbournew3			fmelbournewf	160	0	80	80
fmelbournew4			fmelbournewf	0	80	80	80
fmelbournew5			fmelbournewf	80	80	80	80

fnebulasrw1			fnebulasrwf	0	0	80	80
fnebulasrw2			fnebulasrwf	80	0	80	80
fnebulasrw3			fnebulasrwf	160	0	80	80
fnebulasrw4			fnebulasrwf	0	80	80	80
fnebulasrw5			fnebulasrwf	80	80	80	80

fnebulaw1			fedwireframe02	0	144	48	48		
fnebulaw2			fedwireframe02	48	144	48	48		
fnebulaw3			fedwireframe02	96	144	48	48		
fnebulaw4			fedwireframe02	144	144	48	48		
fnebulaw5			fedwireframe02	192	144	48	48

# Ship Wireframes


fnebproto2w1		fnebproto2wf	0	0	128	128		
fnebproto2w2		fnebproto2wf	128	0	128	128		
fnebproto2w3		fnebproto2wf	256	0	128	128		
fnebproto2w4		fnebproto2wf	0	128	128	128		
fnebproto2w5		fnebproto2wf	128	128	128	128

fnebproto3w1		fnebproto3wf	0	0	128	128		
fnebproto3w2		fnebproto3wf	128	0	128	128		
fnebproto3w3		fnebproto3wf	256	0	128	128		
fnebproto3w4		fnebproto3wf	0	128	128	128		
fnebproto3w5		fnebproto3wf	128	128	128	128


Check the weapons part of the odf´s for entries you do not have on your system / armada2 installation.
Change them appropriately. I made the odf´s  according to my moded version. So there might / will be differences.


Now that the unlocked importer plug-in has been released, I have to update the conditions under which you can use my models. 

My work can be used in other persons mods if they give proper credit in the read me, under the condition that this mod stays non commercial and is not uploaded to any form of paysite. 

There are only 2 websites where I publish my work. 
You may not upload my work to any other website as singular files. 

You are not allowed to take my models change them in any form and re-release them. 
You are not allowed to use my models in any form of kitbash, neither the model as a whole nor parts of it. I will never allow my work to be misused for that. 

If you want to port my models to any other game and release it, you have to ask for permission first. 
I like to know where my stuff is going around

Have fun Shadow.

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