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First he gave us some Vor'Cha's, now it's the time of the almighty Negh'Var battlecruiser. This one will come down to your taste of other ve...


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First he gave us some Vor'Cha's, now it's the time of the almighty Negh'Var battlecruiser. This one will come down to your taste of other versions available, but this is a good all-rounder for those who perhaps would rather do one install at once. Anyhow, like the Vor'Cha, 3 variants coming up.

Variant 1 - Your standard Negh'Var which has additional weapons and an upgraded odf. She also uses some un-used textures stock from the game and from what I can see, an enhanced model. I'm focusing on the weapons though, for a Klingon ship with more weapons is the best kind of Klingon ship.

Variant 2 (Voodieh = "All Good Things") - Maybe not so good, but now you can have the variant the future Enterprise D absolutely pummelled...I guess this would be ideal for getting your revenge back, if the assault phaser lets you.

Variant 3 (Negh'Var = "Endgame") - This upgraded Negh'Var as represented in the Voyager finale will most likely benefit from additional weapons and such to represent it in the future. This version also sports the un-used textures and also benefits from the model enhancement.

The bonus variants come with build buttons and wireframes, which is also good and the "new" textures, SOD's and Borg textures are included, amongst the ODF's. All in all, a nice download for Klingon lovers and those who really dig the Negh'Var class, which, as a huge ship with weapons on it everywhere, should be ideal for a Klingon fan. Download now.

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Download '' (1.92MB)

Klingon Negh'Var Class variants:

 I am Chiletrek and this mod contains two kitbashes I made from the Negh'Var Class Battleships, first is the Voodieh from the last TNG episode "All Good things..." and the other is a Negh'Var refit from the last episode of Voyager "Endgame".

 Things I made:

1) I switched the textures of the Negh'Var and the (unused) Martok texture. The new kbattle texture has been updated and has red sections as seen on DS9 and it is used for the stock Negh'Var and its Refit version. The new kmartok texture is now used for the Voodieh and has new Borg Assimilation file too!.
2) New models along with a buildbutton, wireframe, Admiral's Log pic and ODF.
3) Updated ODf for the stock Negh'Var, it now includes two extra disruptor banks (from the B'rel).
3) This Read me with detailed instructions to make this mod fully playable.

 Installation Instructions:

1) Unzip the contents of this file on a temporary folder.

2) Open your Star Trek Armada II folder.

3) Copy kvoodieh.sod & kneghvar2.sod and paste them in your SOD folder.

4) Copy kvoodieh.bmp & kneghvar2.bmp and paste them in your \bitmaps\AdmiralsLog\ShipImages folder.

5) Copy all eight .tga files, and paste them in your  \Textures\RGB folder.

6) Copy kvoodieh.odf, kneghvar2.odf & kbattle.odf and paste them in your \odf\ships folder.

7) Open your Sprites folder and open gui_global.spr with Notepad.

8) Search for:  # Klingon build buttons
9) Paste these lines:  
b_kvoodieh		gbkvoodieh		0	0	64	64
b_kneghvar2		gbkneghvar2		0	0	64	64

below the last klingon build button.

10) Now Search for: 	# Klingon wireframes

11) Paste these lines:
kvoodiehw1		kvoodiehwire		256	256	256	256

kneghvar2w1		kneghvar2wire		256	256	256	256

below the last Klingon wireframe.

- To add the Negh'Var variants to the Map Editor:

12) Open your \odf\other folder.

13) Search and open with Notepad the file: ek_ncomb.odf (it has more free space, use this one if you don't know how o create a new sub-menu).

14) add these line below the last line:	
item* = "kvoodieh"
item** = "kneghvar2"

where * is the next free number, and ** is the next number after *

- To add the ships to the klingon shipyard:

15) Go to your odf\stations folder and open kyard2.odf with Notepad, search the Construction Parameters and add: 

buildItem* = "kvoodieh"
buildItem** = "kneghvar2"

where * is the next free number, and ** is the next number after *

- Techtrees:

16) Open your techtree folder, find and open it with Notepad.

17) Go find the last Klingon ship, and just below add this:

kvoodieh.odf   1 kresear2.odf
kneghvar2.odf  1 kupgrade.odf

18) Now Open your, also with notepad and find the last Klingon entry to add:

kvoodieh.odf  0
kneghvar2.odf 0

19) Pheewwww, Finally, you are ready to enjoy this mod, I'm sorry to make such long read me but it was neccesary to avoid problems. I hope you like these ships, they can be very useful and can help you obtain victory in glorious battles.


1) Gene Roddenberry: For creating the Star Trek saga. Thank you very much!

2) Activision and Mad-Doc Software: For making the game.

3) Epytron Omega: He taught me how to make wireframes and for his support. He told me to make the Negh'Var refit from Endgame.

4) Atlantis: His support has been more than useful.

5) You: For taking your time to take a look at my mod :)


 Any doubts, questions or suggestions, you can E-mail me at: astro_nejiro at

I am not responsible for any type of damage, either for virus or for the use of this MOD.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Star Trek Armada II, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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