This is an update to the "Nelson" Class Cruiser sent in by Pizza a fair bit ago. True to the readme, it does look better with from what I can see, some texture and mesh upgrades, but nothing to make it look any different. I think what really makes this good is the fact that it's the old Akula design but better...not that the Akula was bad, it's just this is very good.

Fans of the old design won't see anything different, so don't worry about that, this will simply just make it a little prettier to look at. Remember also, it has all the standard stuff, including a nice admiral's pic (I personally think stations or ship submits without these is a little bit upsetting). Download now people!



Nelson Class frigate (version 2.0) by Pizza the Hutt

This ship is the Nelson class, one of my own designs. It ist the late 24th century version
of the vertical nacelle configuration seen in the Akula and Challenger Class ships

This is the second release of the Nelson class.It is much more detailed now. 
This model uses parts of P81's Sovereign instead of the stock model. The ship 
now has Borg textures,too. 

The Nelson matches the Saratoga in scale and textures.

Known flaws: wireframe not perfect, damage textures not correct.


	Copy the file fnelson.sod into the SOD folder
	Copy the .tga files into the Textures > RGB folder
	Copy the file fnelson.odf into the ODF > ships folder
	Copy the file fnelson.bmp into the Bitmaps > Admiralslog folder

	Open the file fyard2.odf or fyard.odf (whichever shipyard you want the ship
	To be built from) and insert the line: buildItemXX = "fnelson" under 
	build Parameters below the last ship to be build
	XX being the next unused number 

	Save that file

	Open "tech 1" from the Techtree folder and insert this line:

	fnelson.odf      1 fyard2.odf           // Nelson class 

	Save this file, open "fulltech.tt" and insert the following line 
	fnelson.odf 0

	Then save and open "GUI_global.spr" from the sprites folder 

	Then add this line under federation build buttons:

	b_fnelson        gbfnelson     0     0   64   64

There is a wire frame, it is not perfect, but at least there is one 
just add this line into the gui global under wireframes

	fnelsonw1				fnelsonwire	40	0	40	40
	fnelsonw2				fnelsonwire	0	40	40	40
	fnelsonw3				fnelsonwire	40	40	40	40
	fnelsonw4				fnelsonwire	80	0	40	40
	fnelsonw5				fnelsonwire	0	0	40	40

This ship is a kitbash of P81's Sovereign and the SFC3 Excelsior.
Thanks to Pneumonic81 for his Sovereign model and the excellent textures.
Thanks to Major A Payne for contacting Pneumonic81 
Thanks to the ArmadaII modding community for advice and constructive criticism

Thank you for downloading this ship.

You are allowed to include it in your mod.

Have fun!!!

Pizza the Hutt

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