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So FahreS sent in these two lovely meshes for us to use, and I don't quite know what to think. On the one hand, yay for new models for some...


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So FahreS sent in these two lovely meshes for us to use, and I don't quite know what to think. On the one hand, yay for new models for someone to work with and make Armada II compatible! And nice bonus for the people who play other games like Bridge Commander, Legacy and so on-- new ship port made easy!!

On the other hand, it personally does nothing for me. I can't port nor convert these ships to .SOD format. I can look at them (and they look nice), gaze longingly at them, wonder what they're like, but I can't touch them. It's like high school all over again. :p

I'm a bit off from the staff tradition here, it seems, because I don't really regard 3D meshes as being completed MODs. They're meshes, yes. But (having never done this myself) I was under the impression that it's creating the 3D model that's hard-- converting to .SOD, bunking together an .ODF, making buildbuttons and wireframes.... THESE are the easy parts. Are they or are they not? FahreS himself put together a whole tutorial to show us all how to make killer buttons and wireframes. This all makes me very confused as to why FahreS wouldn't throw together a quick .ODF and include the 3D model along with the .SOD file.

But don't take that as criticism of the mesh, by any means. One is a fancy looking "pre-TOS vessel" that looks like a cross between a Surya/Miranda class starship and a school desk. The other "non-Trek bomber" looks kinda like a giant torpedo. Or a zeppelin reproducing by mitosis. I don't know. Without textures it's hard to tell what to make of these ships. They could be great. And FahreS gives you permission to make of them what you will, provided you want to try. We'll see what y'all come up with, it seems. Just be sure to give FahreS credit when you do.


- the Kid

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Download '' (227KB)

-Unfinished Spaceships-


-Information about this MOD


The Copyright of both models is by me, as I invented and modelled them.
But I allow you, and hope that you will, to change the models, to add textures and to publish the finished product. 
But you have to follow these steps before releasing your version.

1. Let me know what you did and where you release it.
2. Add my name to your ReadMe and write down that I made the original mesh.

Contact me: e-mail or ICQ-UIN (both under Contact).

You are not allowed to publish these unedited models, you have to create textures and you can change the mesh itself.
I allow any kind of editing, as long as you do not brake laws or insult people.

Information about this MOD:

This MOD contains only 3D Models, 
you have to edit them with a program that supports *.ms3d or *.3ds files.
Then place them in a computergame like Armada 2 by yourself.


Non Trek Bomber Polys: 744
Pre TOS Ship Polys: 985
Joints: No
Textures: No
3D Borgtextures: No
Model invented and created by me: yes

Questions to: [email protected]
ICQ: 148686453

This file is in no way connected to, or affiliated with Activision, 
its employees, representatives, consortiums, or other persons or 
companies associated with it. Therefore, the creators of this file, 
Activision, and it's subsidiares take no responsibilty for harm this 
file may do to your computer.

Have fun with Modding!

FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER

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