Niagara Class - Version 2.0

This is the update for the Niagara Class starship by Hardyous. Download if you wish!


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This is the update for the Niagara Class starship by Hardyous. Download if you wish!

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=============Niagara class for Armada 2 version 2.0===================

Thankyou for downloading this mod, 

this is a texture and odf modification of my Niagara class i released last march

it has a ghost compilation mod odf, this is becuase this is the mod i run on my computer. if you have ghost's compilation mod then you can re name the ODF to fniag and follow the normal instructions.

To install,

put the file fniag.sod into the SOD folder

put the texture files into  the Textures > RGB folder

put the file fniag.odf into the ODF > ships folder

open the file fyard2.odf or fyard.odf (whitchever shipyard you want the ship
to be built from)
and put in the line: buildItemXX = "fniag"
XX being the next unused number 

save that file

open tech 1 from the folder called Techtree
 and add this line:

fniag.odf      1 fyard2.odf           // Niagara class

OR if you want it to  be made from the normal yard

fniag.odf    2 fyard.odf fresear.odf  // Niagara class

then save and open Gui global.spr from the folder named Sprites

scroll down untill you reach the end of the federaton buttons

the add this line

b_fniag        gbfniag     0     0   64   64

 there is a wire frame just put this line into the gui global under wireframes

fniagw1				fwniag		40	0	40	40
fniagw2				fwniag		0	40	40	40
fniagw3				fwniag		40	40	40	40
fniagw4				fwniag		80	0	40	40
fniagw5				fwniag		0	0	40	40


SOD: jardragon901

textures: Hardyous

button and Wireframe: Ch'Yu Chen

ODF: Hardyous(of vuclan) thats me!

Admirals log picture: Hardyous

if you want to use this in your own mod then please contact me via the following 
E mail address, i dont mind any modifications but its just polite ;)


"live long and prosper"

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