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Lost amidst the stupidity of film developers, the Norway was a once-only seen ship, viewed in the epic struggle for sector-001 against the Borg in 'First Contact'. A sleek design that just seemed to glide in at the right moment, dispense a few bursts, then flee, not much was known about this destroyer-come-cruiser-come-whatever...doesn't stop it looking awesome though. Part of Starfleet's radical redesign of ships, the Norway really does flip up previous Starfleet design, whilst, somehow, maintaining the old designs. It's all there; the bridge, the separated nacelles etc. and that's what makes this mod great, the fact that it faithfully recreates that little seen ship that appears for under a minute.

Complete with every file needed to get it working (interface and odf files etc.) this Norway holds up even now against newer models in its quality. Looking very "I'm here to get the job done" she fits in nicely just below the Akira, but somewhere around the Intrepid/Steamrunner level, so if you want to slot it in specifically into your Federation fleet, you have a bit of flexibility when it comes to the tech tree, although she is very much a first-shipyard ship. Another masterpiece by Deemon, this is an essential inclusion to any Federation fleet and, does so with one heck of a bang.



Norway mini-mod, V 1.0 For Armada II
By Deemon & Westworld of APOC Entertainment LTD.

This version is for people who do not have the Dauntless mod installed.


 Ok, here it is, The Norway Mini-Mod for Armada 2, you must have Armada 2 for this mod to work properly. This mod Adds the Federation Norway Class starship to the game Star Trek Armada II. This mod is compatible with  Kleotol's Demon Tooth/Demon Star mod. However, If you use the Dauntless mod,  you will need the other version of this minimod.

Included in the mod:

1. Norway class ship for Armada 2 with Borg assimilation and illumination map support.
2. Button for the Norway.
3. The Basic shipyard has been setup to build the Norway from it.
4. The AI files have been edited to make the Computer build the Norway in All types of multiplayer games including but not limited to Instant Action Games.
5. New tooltips for the Shipyard, Norway class ship.
6. Tech Tree support for all tech setups.
7. New wireframe for the Norway class.
8. Hp map for the Norway.

How to:

 Unzip the file and Run the installation. The install will install the mod into the default Star Trek Armada 2 directory with no need for any file editing on the part of the user. If your Armada 2 is in a directory other than the default one then you will have to direct the installer to the correct directory.

For advanced users who wish to install the mod manually, direct the installer to install to a temporary directory. Then copy the files over to your Armada 2 directory. Once you copy the files over you can uninstall the mod and it will remove the files from your temp directory and your "Installed Programs" list.

Go to your control panel from the Start menu>Settings>control panel.

 Double Click on the Add/Remove Programs icon and select the mod from the list of installed software.

 Then click the add/remove button. Follow the instructions in the uninstall window.

Use the mod:
1. Simply start a game of your choice playing as the Federation or with a Federation Opponent and play as normal. 
2. The Norway class will become available from the Basic shipyard.



Title		: Norway class
Version		: 1.0
Date		: 15-12-01
Author		: Deemon
Email		: [email protected]

model design 	 : Paramount
textures	 : Deemon
mesh		 : Deemon
Build time	 : About 3 days for the model and texture/lightmaps and borg texture

mod specs
Illumination	 : yes
Borg		 : yes  

Model, textures, By Deemon 
Odfs, WireFrame,  tooltips, button & installer by Westworld.

Hope you enjoy the mod.
Deemon & Westworld   
Apoc Entertainment


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Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Star Trek Armada II, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

If you use this model in any Star Trek Armada project please include this file or at least credit to the creators. 
Please do not modify this file or the included texture with out seeking the authors opinion. Nothing legal here, it is just polite.

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