Nuke and Missile



This is something.

This contains two weapons in one primarily for the Tau'ri (Humans) of the Stargate world. The first weapon, a missile, comes with all files (textures, sod, sounds etc.) and looks very nice. It would be best used for a generic low-grade race you might have installed. Failing that, Pre-TOS/ENT era ships would probably make good use of it. You could also have it as a heavy missile special weapon for a ship. You get the idea though that it has a lot of options. The missile has a good shape to it and the textures fit it well, all in all, a good job.

The next weapon, of the transporting nuke I think is fantastic. Set to travel at a fast speed with a blank sod, the weapon should penetrate the enemy hull and cause extensive/fatal damage. Again, the possibilities are wide open. You could have a Tau'ri ship have a special weapon allowing it to transport a limited amount of Nuke's onboard enemy craft or have it on a ship in a different universe, say a high-tech race which has it as a devastating standard weapon. Pure carnage...we like carnage here and with this, you most certainly will to.

Extended readme's providing the needed installation instructions are included in the dual-weapon pack, which really does make for a fantastic download. Get it now.



Two Tau'ri Weapons

-=Beam'uh Nuke=- & -=Launch'uh Nuke=-

Everything's here, but you'll need to add certain lines to your sprite files.
Further instructions are enclosed...

...DO NOT extract directly into your A2 folder or you will be disappointed!!!

[email protected]

Jeffery Drake (aka, draconis_sharp)

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