Oberth Class Retexture



This is a retexture of Deemon's Oberth Class which is required to use this mod. You can find it here. The textures used in this mod are based upon p81's very own Oberth however Jetfreak has also done an accompanying set of Borg textures which are interestingly from a scanned image from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Sketch Book so they could be considered Canon-ish :).

There is an Admiral's Bitmap along with the retextures but You will have to get Deemon's version for the rest (SOD, ODF, techtrees, wireframes, buildbuttons).

The mod maybe a small addition but I believe it's worth it. These Oberth textures are probably the closest to the hull texturing you see on the series' or indeed in technical schematic manuals.

Another useful addition from Jetfreak.




Oberth Class Texture Modification
By: Jetfreak

-This simple mod changes the Textures of Deemon's Oberth Class into p81's Textures
-Borg Textures are also included
-I also made a new Admiral's Log pic to match with the textures
-Sorry, no Alpha Channel

How to install: 

1) put all the TGA Files in the Textures/RGB folder and replace the old texture
2) add the foberth.bmp into bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages folder

That's it you're done!!!


Federation Texture: Rick Knox (aka p81)
Borg Texture: Rick Knox's Fed textures which I edited 
"Borgified" Parts: Scanned from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Sketch Book

I hope u Enjoy this mod!!

Jetfreak :)

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