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Spectre has revised his ODF editor, so now you can edit and create odfs in a breeze :)



ODF Editor 2.0

About ODF Editor.

Seeing people have many problems with creating ODF files, I decided to make this program so they wouldn’t have a large difficulty with the files in future. Now I am learning Visual Basic at college this helps, because now with these skills I can make useful programs for the Armada II Community to use.

ODF Editor Features.

The program has a user-friendly interface. The program uses menus like seen other software to easily navigate around the program.

Menu Explanation:

File	New – Opens a blank document.
Open – Opens a previous document.
Save As – Saves the current document.
Exit – Closes the program down.
Edit	Cut – Cuts the selected text onto the clipboard
Copy – Copies selected text onto the clipboard
Paste – Pastes selected text from the clipboard
Select All – Selects all the text in the document
View	Hardpoint Viewer – Opens the Hardpoint Viewer
Insert	Include Line – Inserts the ODF Include line
Item Separator – Inserts the ODF Separator line
// - Inserts to right-slashes
# - Inserts a hash sign
Program Extras	Open and Example ODF – Opens an already created ODF Document
Open a published ODF – Opens a standard ship odf file.
Help	About ODF Editor 2.0 – Explains the programs purpose and coders

Coders: Spectre
           The Great One

[email protected]
ICQ: 79146921

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