ODF Packer



This removes un-needed things found in the odf files



Tool Name : ODF Packer		Version: V0.10 	
Readme Version 0.1		Author: Splatter aka Gleacer aka Stephan Nix

As a part of the License Agreement between ME (Splatter aka the Tool Maker) and Activision they like me to Inform you the following things:


Homepage : 	4ever.Gameday.de  (URL Forwarder)
		www.4everclan.com (URL Forwarder)
		members.Tripod.de/Vendetta (Real URL)

Email    :	[email protected]
		[email protected]

This Programm is Freeware and it is offert as it is ! It´s works on my Computer and therefore I made it.

Read the Line above again and understand it !!!
In No way I´m responsabel for what this Tool do to your Hard and Software or for what you do with this Tool !!!!
You can use this Tool and give it to anybody you like ASLONG THERE IS NO PAYING FOR IT IN ANY FORM. You should not rent, sale, buy or in any other Way make Money with this Tool. That are Activisions rules not mine, and there is no goining arround it, so If you don´t agree with this you haveto delete this Tool and all Files wich come with this Tool.

This Tool basicly delete all unused Lines in an ODF File normaly in an ODF File 60% of the Lines are of no use for the Game ! 
Well I think if you delete this Lines the Game should speed up, specialy on low bugedt Systems with only 32 MB of Ram !

This Tool is very easy to use simply Add your ODF Files form the Menu to the List ! Or add an entire Dir (all ODF Files from the dir only)
I recomanded to backup you custom ODF Files.
You can delete the last entry or the entire List

Then Just select "pack it" and the Packer should replace your ODF Files with the packed Version.

Known Bugs :

Multiple Lines (Ship Names)

A Format like :

possibleCraftNames = <enter>

             "Name 1"  "Name 2" <enter>

is not supported an will Crash the Game !

255 Signs only

This Tool only supports lines up to 255 Signs , because I use an 16 bit language (Profan 4.5) to make this Tool. There is no way to Pack a line with more then 255 Signs in it ! The Tool will read the first 255 Signs and then Cut of the Rest ! 

The Programm can Read 1000000000000000s of lines but the line length is limted !

Well normaly this isn´t a real Problem but check if your possible Shipnames and the Tooltip may have more then 255 Signs.
This will crash the Game !!!

Well there is no way of my knowlage to correct this :-(


It´s highly recommanded not to Pack any events.odf File

NT / Windows 2000

The Programm will not work on NT or Win 2000 Systems because it is 16 Bit !


Support :

Well If you have anything to say about this Tool and/or Bug Report 

[email protected] 
[email protected]

I Includded the Scoure Code of this Tool in this Zip File If you want to make a 32 bit Version, a VB Version of this Tool feel free to do so, but please E-mail Me and give me some Credits ! In No Way you can make Money with this or YOUR NEW VERSION of this Tool because this Tool is based on the Armada ODF Files and Activision won´t allow it !

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