Old Borg Bases

Inserts the old borg bases in place of the newest ones


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Inserts the old borg bases in place of the newest ones

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Download 'old_bases.zip' (75KB)

*****************************Old Bases*********************************
By Captin_jon

This Folder will change the Borg Nexus, Mining station and mining ship to 
the old Armada I ones.

I Played on armada I for the first time in a while and I relised that
I liked the base designs better. I found New Old yards by 8of5 and decided
to make one myself. It contains:-
The Nexus
The Mining station
The Resorce Collecter all from Star Trek Armada I

The files contained in this zip should be:-
Bbase.odf + .SOD
Bfreight.odf + .SOD
Bmining.odf + .SOD
And this Readme

****How To Install*****
All SOD files go in the Armada II SOD folder
All TGA files go in the Armada II Textures\RGB folder
BBase.odf and Bmining.odf go in the Armada II ODF\Stations folder
Bfreight.odf goes in the Armada II ODF\Ships folder

There are no Known Bugs

If you have any problems e-mail me at [email protected]

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