On-line Texture Replacement



Another installment of Curtis' texture replacements, and yet again, an excellent job ;)




New Planet Textures which feature light/dark side effect on all the planets.

planet colonization textures will come later.

Known Issues With Dark Light Texture Set:

In the overhead 2D mode and full 3D mode at maximum distance from models there is some transparency that leaks through the PA_ECFR0 texture.Cant be fixed,model related.Although it only occcurs when models are viewed at maximum distance from the models.Just scroll in
some and the leakage disappears.I tried everything I could to eliminate it,but the model
allows the transparency leakage that slightly shows the underneath texture thru the PA_ECFR0 texture when viewed as described.Even at maximum view the leakage isnt always
there.move around in 2D mode some and it disappears,also the same in 3D mode.Seems to
be angle related within the model.

Sods: Hacked for removal of overglow and other lighting effects,work online.

I included the fbasehq sod because it contains hacks to remove the overglow
that the original had and is more optimized for the new texture.Looks pretty
danged good IMO..

The new fbase textures blend seamlessly with the fyard/fyard2 sets.


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