Online Mini Texture Pack



This is another release by Curtis, that changes the planets, federation construction ship, borg cube & diamond. I can't really say the construction ship is to my liking, but the cube & diamond look a fair bit nicer, as do the planets ;)




                            Online Texture Replacements

This pack adds replacement/enhanced versions of the federation construction ship,borg diamond,borg tactical cube/fusion cube.

The federation contruction ship has all new textures to better fit the model itself.The model is an older activision model that has alpha lighting within the model not the texture.This caused the orginal textures to be to bright,and reflect to much lighting.This
set changes the brightness and basicly replaces 98% of the texture set itself.

The borg diamond has been changed to add in more color and depth.

The tactical/fusion cube is darkened and sharpened with light gradients added for
realisim.With new alpha lighting.

The Class J Gas Giant is a mix of several textures including the jupiter test included
in the game itself,with my own touches added to give it depth and realisim.

Class M Earth Type is a texture mix from several NASA maps.

Class L Mars Variant is a mix of NASA surface maps and my own ocean addition.

Class H IO variant is a mix of NASA maps of the volcanic moon IO and my own additions.

Class K Europa variant is a mix of several NASA surface maps of the ice moon europa.

Class D Master Texture Mix,stock..

To use just copy/paste the textures to your textures/rgb folder.Be sure to backup your
original files for safe keeping.


Some of the textures used in the federation construction ship were from "Totally Games".


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