Online Texture Replacement



"It does exactly what it says on the tin."

To coin a phrase, it really does, but I should add, it does it very well. The Galaxy textures use Dawn's/Deemon's inspirational Galaxy class textures to full use whilst the Sovereign and Negh'Var also get an overhaul. We've been promised a fixed Sovereign as the textures for the ventral (looking from beneath the Sovereign) part of the saucer is the saucer flipped. Should be noted though, this isn't really the fault of the developer as this was how it came stock, but it is a marked improvement. In terms of the Sovereign textures, I'd say they were definitely better, but I'm less optimistic in approach regarding the nacelles, hopefully something else to fix. However, its textures are, as I said, are definitely improved.

The Negh'Var does however look stunning. Bar actually getting the known modded Negh'Var model, this is definitely a close second, it really is. Whilst it might not hold true to canon Negh'Vary colours, they do look fantastic on the stock model and definitely make it stand out in a good way. Another plus is that all of these come with their Borg texture equivalents, which is always a pleasant addition. The mod, as it says, does allow you to still play online which is another positive aspect. In short, I look forward to the future releases of these replacement packs because if this is the start, the rest can only be better more so! Download now.

An update for the Sovereign and Galaxy class textures can be found here.



Here is preview of an online texture replacement pack im working on that is seperate from the armade upgrade project.

These are my own stock texture edits for online play with armada II patch 1.1

Included are Federation Sovereign/Galaxy and Klingon Negh'Var Classes with borg assimilated texture sets as well.

These are rextexures of the original stocks,(except for saucer section from dawn's galaxy model) I had trouble creating the alpha channles when using the tutorial here at armada files(I was using assimaview's light file as the basis for the light channel but Milkshape never would save out the combined final texture when using fahres tutorial..so if anyone wants to grab these and add back the alphas from the stock texutres,feel free to do so.

Anyway what you'll get in this set is a highly detailed(vs. the original blurry tex's)texture
set of both battle ships,and the galaxy class. Many portions completely re-created,including 
the borg textures that are in the borg assimilated tex's..

if anyone can add back the alphas..or just create new ones based off these textures,they'd find they have an excellent stock replacement set fit for online play.

even tho they work online now and look pretty damned good now..they'd be better with the alphas.

Im working on a few others including the nebula class,kilngon starbase,and a few borg additions
as well..should be ready soon.

ohh...just drop these in your textures/rgb folder and enjoy..i would backup in case you wanna
go back to the original textures...


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