Online Texture Replacement



Original Pack

This update changes the Sovereign textures from the previous release, upgrading the ventral facing and generally the entire set of textures on the rest of the ship and also has a fully modified texture set for the Galaxy class. Of course, they also come with the Borg textures.

If you downloaded the first pack, you'll definitely be wanting this one.



This update fixes issues with the soveriegn class saucer under side using top side texture and also vastly improves the rest of the vessels texture.

Also is a complete and final re-texture of the galaxy class which now fully (99%) of the galaxy class textures created by Deemon ( I recently gave dawn credit for Deemon's galaxy when in fact she did a soveriegn...sorry to Deemon.) My sovereign uses none of dawn's textures,they are all new and original.

Enclosed is two 800 x 600 screens of both vessels.

Please not that the galaxy class has a huge issue within the actual model that makes the deflector dish crooked and warps the texture at certain angles,this is also present under
the saucer where it attaches to the hull on the bottom,causing some texture warping..but 
not seen in other angles.I cant fix this,but it isnt that bad and barely noticebale from
most play angles.

The soveriegn has no such issues that i have found.


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