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Whilst the other two entries in the contest vouched for single releases, Shadow has praised us with three types of outposts. Although adapting the stock starbase for three creations (seemingly two separate ones and then one that joins up the two themes) they look lovely and certainly will fill up the rank and roles of the Federation bases. High quality all around, they're a complete package lacking on Borg textures for total completion.

The bases though are tuned to take on a 'full Dominion fleet', so don't expect them to go down in a hurry (boasting strong shielding and no less than 40 weapons a piece) but are balanced on the resources side to compensate. Quiet, but deadly? Definitely. Runner up to FahreS, but still high in quality and use. Definitely worthy of a Federation build list.



Hi there,

here is a new  Battle / Base - Station for the federation. 
It is part of my starbase 173 / 375 family. The other stations go up for the Christmas contest.
You will be able to get them later. :)
After the contest.

With this station / texture I tried to get the scaling right so it fits the TNG- era ships. This means that I changed the size and the numbers of the windows so that the known scaling- problems of these stations are mostly eliminated, hopefully. 

Borg textures are included.

I am using large texture files for the stations (1024 x 1024). This my lead to problems with some older computers / graphic cards ( Excessive lagging for example) . I experienced none but cannot guarantee otherwise.
So you have been warned.

The model has a high poly count 

foutpost		5548 Polygons

Since it runs perfectly on my computer I think that's no problem. 
I cannot guarantee that slower older systems will use it without problems.

Do not be astonished about the long weapons list. The station is meant to stand up to the dominion.
I have seldom seen it using them all.
If you do not like it change it.

Should any problem arise with these stations, you can send me a PM  on armadafleetcommand.com or on armada2files.com


Now that the unlocked importer plug-in is being released, I have to update the conditions under which you can use my models. 

My work can be used in other persons mods if they give proper credit in the read me, under the condition that this mod stays non commercial and is not uploaded to any form of paysite. 

There are only 2 websites where I publish my work. 
You may not upload my work to any other website as singular files. 

You are not allowed to take my models change them in any form and re-release them. 
You are not allowed to use my models in any form of kitbash, neither the model as a whole nor parts of it. I will never allow my work to be misused for that. 

If you want to port my models to any other game and release it, you have to ask for permission first. 
I like to know where my stuff is going around


Copy all .tga-files into Armada2 / Textures / RGB
Copy the .sod-file into Armada2 / SOD
Copy the .odf-file into Armada2 / ODF / Stations
Copy the .bmp-file into Armada2 / bitmaps / Admiralslog / Shipimages

Go to Armada2 / techtree
Open tech1.tt and fulltech.tt and insert:

foutpost.odf 0

Go to Armada2 / Sprites
Open gui_global.spr
Insert the lines

# Federation build buttons


b_foutpost			gbfoutpost		0	0	64	64

# Ship Wireframes


foutpostw1			fwoutpost		0	0	170	170
foutpostw2			fwoutpost		170	0	170	170
foutpostw3			fwoutpost		340	0	170	170
foutpostw4			fwoutpost		0	170	170	170
foutpostw5			fwoutpost		170	170	170	170

If the line @reference=512 does not exist in your version of gui_global.spr copy it also.

Have fun Shadow.

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