Owned Class Starship



This is a "Owned" class destroyer, for Armada II. The ship is of a fast, sleak design, but I'm not too keen on the name. Still, a good ship non the less.



this is the owned class destroyer

installation is simple, just copy the sods to the sod folder,
the odf's to their respective odf folders, 
the textures to the textures/rgb folder, 
the tech 1 to the tech tree folder, 
and the gui global to the sprites folder
the tech tree and gui global have the 
dominion ultimate on them, so if you have 
those installd there is no need to worry.
if not, just overwrite your files with this 
anyway keep in mind that if you have other mods this will 
overwrite those gui global and techtree files, 
so backup your files, this also includes the 
upgraded steamrunner class vessel, which has 
multiple tricobalt torpedo launchers
and enhanced shield strength 
(made to keep in production with the advent of the pwn3d class)

hope  you enjoy this.

(once you have this file, it is yours to do with whatever you want, be it modding the sod's etc, however,
it would be greatly appreciated if you were to send your modded pwn3d to this address: [email protected])

Admiral Mukavich

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