Peaceful Generations (Beta)

Well Ladies & Gents, this is the Beta Package for Peaceful Generations. Looking through the files (upon extract) a nice set of ships have be...


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Well Ladies & Gents, this is the Beta Package for Peaceful Generations. Looking through the files (upon extract) a nice set of ships have been used (especailly the Galaxy Class). Though the package is missing a significant amount of Bitmaps. However, overall this seems like a worthy package.

The developers (or at least one of them) to my knowlege is away for a while, so when we get the official release is unknown, though it's sure to be something spectacular. My only fault without actually playing it is the fact "Peaceful Generations" doesn't really go well with an RTS game based upon War

Still, a nice package, plenty of ships (I notice a Romulan / Klingon starbase merge from I think it be Bridge Commander has been included). Anyway, one to download for sure

Important Notice:

In the readme above it says something about a 2nd installer i forgot to make the installer for the base so you will have to cut and paste the fbase.sod into the sod folder. I would make a installer for it but since im in Hawaii my time is limited and it took me 1 hour and 30 mintues to upload to my server for some reason. Well anyway placed the sod file in in the sod folder is easy enough 8p


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Download '' (98.15MB)

Quick Edit- Why is there a 2nd installer? its a quick pacth i think you might need to replace the current fed base which might be very very very tall in game lol.

Known bugs: 
-^- Few with missions. like the 5th the cardassians spawning Romulan Ships will be fixed in Final version.


also in the pacth i might include an updated version of the Main Menu for better animations or a brand new one as it would be easier by a tad bit.

Missions should be voice redefined as you are not beating the Romulans in fed mish 4.

Currently only some of the feds AI is done. ODF's will be affected at a later time.

Also for the Multiplayer button will be fixed in the Final Version rihght now Im lazy to finish off the rendering for the rest of it. lol

Hmmmmmmmm I need a storyline lol.

*_Current Features_*
New Missions
new MAIN menu about 75 percent done
about 8 new ships for the romulans and 1 or 2 new ships for the klingons lol. and um about im guessing 20 or 30 new ships for the feds.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\What I need:
Someone who knows a little bit of everyything.
And at least 2 voice actors.///////////////////////

Future Plans in next mod. (warful Generations)
Warful Generations or in the next pacth or in the Final Version
1. New voices if i can get voulnteers
2. More non playble races
3. Better backgrounds that were made by me.
4. Animated Stations (for about 1 or 2 stations once I can find the perfect station, AS out of 2 shuttles i was gonna use is about 500 polies each/)
5. Intelegence groups for the race will be most likely fought by an oposing foce? ie Obsidian Order against Klingon Intelegence.
for the sequal "Total Choas" more better intro and better menu's along with new gui
7. More ships will be added to the other races.

Also veiw the Credits Folder to veiw the new map backgrounds available.

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